Even Budweiser gets crowded. 10/21/06

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Headed to Busch Virginia. You know its gonna be crowded when you finally get to the parking gate and they hand you a paper that says they may close the gates, and Sunday may be a better day.

In we go. First stop, pick up the front of the line passes I bought over the internet. Never go without them. Basically walked on Apollos Chariot. 9/10. Hopped the train to France. Loved the dead clowns. Clowns are evil. 8/10.

Walked to Curse of DarkCastle. 9/10. Needed a fol pass for that lone. Needed another for Big Bad Wolf. 8/10. Managed to get video of that coaster. Headed to Trappers Smokehouse. I love that place. Man's food. 9/10. Over the Alpengheist. 9/10. About a 40 minute wait.

Back up front to Loch Ness Monster. About 20 minutes first time, then 10 minutes a bit later. 9/10. Its one of my grandmothers favorite coasters. Also got video.

Did all the haunted walk thru with the passes. Combined 8/10. The one at Drachen Fires station is best. I should have also waited for the walk thru up front where the nature preserve is. It was good at dusk, but no line.

Overall 9.5/10. This a great park. Always.

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