Evel Knievel is to mild............

That is what several people told me during my day at SFStL, and Daredevil Daze. I have just one question now that I've ridden several dozen times on Saturday. WHERE!?

Seriously. I don't get the logic about how anyone can think that EK is a mild coaster. I loved the laterals, loved the airtime, loved the speed, and intensity of that coaster.

EK has everything that I remembered from Thunderbird(InFinland.), and the main reason why I have Thunderbird as my #1 GCI. Guess I'll have to knock Kentucky Rumbler down one more peg to squeeze in EK. It's all good though; Nothing but Great Coasters around here. :)

^Maybe the people that said that are used to The Boss which is pretty aggressive.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Ah crap! You had to mention The Boss. I don't know why I did it, but I did take another ride on it, and it still sucks as bad as the year it opened.

At least EK gives me a reason to want to go back to SFStL now.

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Evel Knievel is to mild, as what? You didn't finish the comparison.

No....I didn't. That was the only comment I was hearing. No comparisons to any other coaster, just......Mild.

Trust me, I don't get it myself.

The Boss was running very well last year. The whole ride was fine except for the double helix. It's not glass smooth, but it certainly wasn't jackhammering or anything like that.

EK rocks. Is it still squealing wildly?

There's another one that I can only consider a myth, because there was zero signs of squealing. Maybe they fixed it up for the event, but all I know is that EK ia a funtastic ride.

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Raven-Phile said:
Evel Knievel is to mild, as what? You didn't finish the comparison.

Hats off to the subtlety. :)

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Compared to the other two wooden coasters in the park Evel K is indeed to[o] mild...especially when it comes to shuffling, jackhammering, etc. I blame GCI engineering and top-notch construction.

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Raven-Phile said:
Evel Knievel is to mild, as what? You didn't finish the comparison.

You suck. I was going to post that.

I'll bite, anyhow.

....as pancakes are to bitter.


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Dammit kpjb...I was gonna post that. Why'd ya have to be such a mooshebag?

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+1 for everyone on the right side of the fence!

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I thought it was quite insane. The airtime, laterals, and amazing pacing made this coaster feel for more intense than any of the other GCI's I've ridden (and I've ridden many of them).

Oh, and when I rode The Boss for the first time back in April, it instantly became a Top-Ten woodie for me. Besides that final helix, the ride was very smooth, and the airtime was GREAT! I love that double-down first drop...one of my favorites.

And just so it doesn't feel left out, I love Screamin' Eagle, too. ;)


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EK is to mild as periods are to overused.

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12 periods, or 4 simultaneous elipses? You decide...

Evel Kneivel : The Boss, Hyper-engineered : Neglected.

Seriously, I thought The Boss could have been smoother. But I liked that the Boss was a little more "Weeee!" than Evel Kneivel, which was "bang boom" and gravity group intense.

Does anyone think SFSL was going for a Boulderdash type effect with the Boss, but ended up with a mild terrain twister with an intense helix? It really sits on the mountainside. Why don't the pictures show how mountainside-y the Boss is?

By the way , how much buildable land does six flags own? I guess it won't matter next year when they're all sold off.

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I rode the Boss when I was there in 2007, I though it was really rough and bumpy didn't like it at all. And I rode in the front seat.

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I think Boss got a lot of work for 2008. I remember reading '07 trip reports and expecting the worst when I rode it for my first time in 2008. While not glass smooth, the ride (for its size) was in exceptional condition...

...minus the double helix which would suck even if it was retracked since those trains can't yaw worth a damn.

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Evel Knievel is to mild as Screamin' Eagle is to old? ;)

Are you aware, Coasterphan, that EK is an EXACT clone of Thunderbird? So they must now TIE for your favorite GCI coaster. I haven't been to Six Flags yet this summer. Work has been insane and on my ONE day off each week I haven't wanted to do anything except my necessary laundry. I personally haven't experienced jackhammering on any of the rides I've had on The Boss, but the ride is just so AGGRESSIVE except when it's cold out or early in the day and the ride is running slower, that after Evel opened last June I never rode The Boss again. I don't know if anything could ever be done to get a consistent FUN experience on The Boss, but when the ride is a little less aggressive it's AWESOME, (and even the helix is great when The Boss is running just a little slower,) but Evel Knievel is consistently fun, fast, and not too mild or aggressive. I'm sure those Millennium Flyer trains have something to do with that. I wonder if TGG's new single bench trains were put on The Boss if that would make for a more comfortable ride.

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Coasterphan said:That is what several people told me during my day at SFStL, and Daredevil Daze. I have just one question now that I've ridden several dozen times on Saturday. WHERE!?

It's the Prowler Effect (Roughly the same thing as the Voyage Effect) The Daredevil Daze event took place after the final day of Coaster Con XXXII. So most all attendees were frresh off of spending 3 days at the Prowler at Worlds of Fun. I didn't go to the Saturday event at Six Flags but I did attend Coaster Con and Worlds of Fun is in fact my home park. The Prowler effect I refer too is due to the intensity of the ride while being smooth and giving good laterals and excellent airtime. You ride that coaster for a bit and you get used to those forces, so when you go ride one that isn't as intense you feel that Coaster is too mild. I have been on Evel Kinevel before and I feel it's a pretty good ride and I have become a huge fan of GCI rides.

This Prower Effect actually happened to me at WoF I have been taking a bunch of rides on Prowler, then I decided to head off to Timber Wolf. When I rode Timber Wolf, (Which is considered to have gotten rough and I know it has) the ride felt very mild.

This effect also happened to me at Holiday World riding the Voyage. The Voyage is unlike any other woodie I have been on and wasn't too rough and fairly smooth. It provided great laterals and very very excellent airtime. I rode this quite a bit and it made the other HW Coasters feel mild. The Raven wasn't that good to me on that day as it felt very very mild after taking a few rides on The Voyage and Legend. (Which I like Legend more than Raven but that is me, a few things made me love Legend like the classic style station and some nice head chopper effects and was on par with Timber Wolf but not as rough) The Voyage effect stayed with me for a few week after riding it. During the time I was affected by it I went to my first trip to ValleyFair and rode Renegade and it seem to have made that ride feel mild too. So in closing that is what I think is going on here with EK feeling too mild.

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