Europe parks Vs. American parks.

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I recently visited the Lift hill website, and they have some great pictures of some of the amusement parks over in Europe. And, the parks in Europe seem far better than the ones in the U.S. when it comes to Scenery and themes.

One of the most amazing looking parks was Phantasia land in Germany. My brother lived in Germany for 8 years, and told me many stories about The park. but, I never really believed it could be that great until I saw actual pictures of the place....Wow! What great Scenery! I have been to a lot of parks in the U.S. And I have never seen anything like it here.

For example. I don't think any U.S. park would have spent the money on the amazing scenery that surrounds the Black Mamba coaster at Phantasialand. There is so much going on there, you can't see where the coaster ends. And, the rest of the park is just as heavily themed.

Why doesn't the U.S. have parks like this? Disney and universal are the only ones that come close. *** Edited 8/27/2006 3:10:17 AM UTC by Timber-Rider***

Ehhh. Having been to parks on both continents, I have to say what goes on there is what goes on here. You have your parks that are awesomely themed etc. and parks that arent. There are alot of parallels, Kennywood and Blackpool being the most similiar. Thorpe Park and Alton are very nice. Phantasialand is awesomely themed, but then again, we in the states have IOA, Disney, the Busch Gardens, you know the ones. So, I wouldnt say European parks are better really. Also, there is no Cedar Point in Europe. It is neat, though, to go over and ride coasters you have never ridden before. I do recommend getting over there to ride some cool coasters if the chance arises.

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I like Blackpool better than Cedar Point, yet I have had European Visitors say they like Cedar Point over Blackpool. I guess the grass is greener on the other side of the fence! :) *** Edited 8/27/2006 3:16:25 AM UTC by Borntocoast***
I would compare Blackpool to Kennywood way before I'd compare it to Cedar Point. They are the same type of park to me. Both embrace historic rides, good old wooden coasters and have a big hypercoaster, both Arrows (PR is half-morgan, but still). Cedar Point is just a coaster haven that isnt like anything in Europe, IMO.
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True, but could you imagine Cedar point with Phantasialand's, or Alton Towers Scenery. The Raptor diving through the walls of an abondoned castle, where it semes like you could fly into a stone wall at any moment? See towering foiledge, or riding the Power Tower completely covered like the tower of london?

I just think that American parks can, and should make their parks more appealing. Most are just open fields with some rides....Michigan's Adventure being one of them, even though it is getting better.

Well, first of all, Black Mamba is NOT Raptor, and Raptor needs no theme. Could you imagine what it would cost to theme all the coasters at a park like Cedar Point? Sixteen coasters? I mean, youve mentioned only one park in Europe. You are making it seem like all of Europe's parks theme like Phantasialand, which is absolutely not the case. Plus, parks in USA have scenery like Alton Towers. I didnt find Alton or Thorpe any more scenic than Kennywood or Busch Gardens or Silver Dollar City etc. Trust me, having been to the European ones as well as American ones, we have the same here as they have over there. Still, go over there if you have the chance.
Another well themed park in Europe is Europa Park in south west Germany. Although I've got to say, the whole mouse thing seems like a rip off of Mickey. Either way, they have some good coasters and all of their rides are well themed.

I think the biggest difference, and why everyone says that our parks aren't as well themed, is the fact that we have so many more than they do. It's to the point here in the U.S. that we have pretty much 2 amusement parks in every state. Also, they don't have the chain parks like we have here with Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and Busch (with the excpetion of Disney). Our chain parks can't afford to theme every single one of their parks because it would be way too expensive in the first place, and the upkeep would be very pricey.

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The "real theming" of Alton Towers is unbeatable; where else can you ride coasters and tour the ruins of an actual castle at the same time? One of the most unique parks I've ever been to. BPB is probably not the most scenic park I've ever been to, and I would agree with the above that it's no comparison to Cedar Point (Kennywood, probably). But it's historic, there's a lot to do there, and I wish I would have had more time to experience it.
Yeah. I mean you cant do much about "real theming." Timber-rider seems to think European parks spend more time and money theming their rides and parks. But I dont think so. I mean if you have "real theming" on your property then you have it. It doesnt mean the European parks put more care or money into their parks.

From what I've been told(Since I haven't been to Phantasialand yet, Next Month!), One of the main reasons for all of their themeing, especially for Black Mamba, is noise reduction. Apparently, there are residential areas well within a few blocks of the park.

As far as Europe not having a Cedar Point type park, well that's just flat out wrong. Europa park is absolutely on par, if not better then Cedar Point(By my opinion). I was at Europa during ACE's ECO trip, and was completley amazed by the way the handled themselves, on a very crowded day, when we were there.

I look at Europa, as a themed Cedar Point.

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