Europe In The Air opens at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in March

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Busch Gardens has announced a new ride called Europe in the Air that it will debut when the Williamsburg amusement park opens March 26. Riders will swoop, dive and float as if flying in a helicopter over the European countryside and such landmarks as Stonehenge in England, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and the Coliseum in Rome.

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So the basic idea is like Soarin' but without the crazy Erector-set-inspired hang glider ride setup?

Soarin' Over Europe could be fun. :)

I like that is sounds like you're up in the air. Clever names are hard to come by.

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

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This is still using the old Questor ride system, correct? Not sure if this is truly an upgrade or not as I never bothered with Corkscrew Hill, but if the ride motion is much more gentle than your typical old-school simulator attraction, this could be a winner.

Now, the more intriguing new for '10 attraction is the new extreme sports show at "Festhaus Park". Any ideas where exactly this is going? Drachen Fire lot, common area in Oktoberfest, unused picnic grove, BBW site (I surely hope not), etc?

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Similar ride system though the computer that controls it as well as some of the ride controls are being upgraded for a much smoother ride experience. Projector (with much higher fps) and Screen is also being upgraded for a very high def look to it. There will also be a pre show added.

The extreme sports show will be a temporary set up in the field where they do the concerts. (Old Drachen Fire field).

BBW site would be awkward for audience but I suppose perfect to extreme sports show as its far from level.. :)

However it would have been a less than ideal location overall and not considered..

By the way.. DarKastle looks pretty erie cool with snow on it.. (Taken this weekend)

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Ugh, thank God. Corkscrew Hill was awful.

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I missed Corkscrew Hill last time I was there, sadly. Cousin Chase wasn't feeling well the moment we walked past the attraction. Oh well.

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I was committed to *finally* get on Corkscrew Hill when Matt and I went pre-PPP. it was closed for a (pretty decent) haunted walk-through.

I'd have gone with "European Vacation" and had Chevy Chase do the pre-show. ;)

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CH was a nice one time around to say you did it.. But for me no major love loss. I personally think motion sim rides should have a shelf life in general.

Sensations dont change much if you try a different seat and you end up reciting the script.

Roving motion sims (like DarKastle) at least add a bit more complexity to make it one that you want to ride over, which pretty much lapped CH in attendance #s.

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I enjoyed Corkscrew Hill, but agree that one time around was enough. It was OK at best. Questor was a far better experience in every way (except it was a tad more nausea-inducing), and I managed about two or three rides during its existence. I have a feeling Europe in the Air has the potential to be really good, if done right.

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Nausea was the problem that I had with Questor. It was fun, but I didn't want to ride it any more than once a day.

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Well, even if Questor wasn't nausea-inducing, I wouldn't have wanted to ride more than once a day. What I meant was, Corkscrew Hill was worth one ride, period.

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