Europa Park Hypercoaster (B&M?)

Tuesday, June 5, 2001 1:45 PM
I have heard a lot of rumours about the German park's new hypercoaster. Apparently it had been said that Mack Rides, who own the park were to build it, this may be so - but it seems that B&M will provide the track and vehicles. I know its not unusual for third-parties to build rides, I think a third-party assembled Nitro after B&M shipped the pieces.
Back to the point, I'd like to hear what everyone else had heard, because B&M Speed Coasters are very hot at present and there has not been a major discussion on this subject as of yet.
Evidence - Mack Rides dont build Hypers, the artwork on Europa's site is of B&M design, the layout is similar to Nitro, the park is using pictures of Raging Bull (edited into a new colour scheme) as advertising, and Europa Park are calling it a MEGA-COASTER - B&M's official name for their rides.

Enforcer Wolf, Coaster Force

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