Europa Park- Altlantica?

Monday, February 28, 2005 7:32 PM
Not sure just how noteworthy this is, but Rcdb lists Europa Park's new water coaster under the name "Atlantica."

Oddly the Europa Park website still calls the ride "Super Splash."

Just thought that was interesting, though more likely than not, the name will probably end up as Atlantica.

BTW, for those who have been to the park, can it be done in a day? Looks like they have quite a few good rides. I'll be visiting in late March.

Monday, February 28, 2005 7:54 PM
On a dead day...probably. When we were there in 2002 the crowds were 'moderate' and we got about 75% of what we would have liked to do. We rode all of the coasters and most of the dark rides, but there were a few flats we would have liked to do.

We waited on average about 20 minutes for most of the coasters, and about 40 minutes for our front seat ride of Silver Star.

This year we'll be there this year in late June on a weekday, and we've got a full day there, so we're hoping to get in some of the rides we missed. We're also staying at one of the hotels on property which will allow you early entry to the park, so that should help too.

The dark rides are very good and don't miss the "Mack Museum" as that was VERY interesting.

I still think it's cool how they have like 9 or 10 coasters and NONE of them go upside down! =)



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