Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel Re-Opening!

The Euclid Beach Carousel has reopened at the Western Reserve Historical Society on University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. This grand 1910 Carousel is a historic landmark from the late Euclid Beach Park, which last operated nearly 45 years ago.

It has been restored and opened up at the museum, and it was beautiful!

We stopped by today to ride it along with capture some photos... Amazing restoration. It was really cool to see a few older couples who clearly had history with the attraction, holding hands while riding together side-by-side. Talked with some other knowledgeable people who explained some additional history along with information on the refurbishment. It was almost like stepping back in time a bit, and the vibe was really cool.

They also had available some classic Euclid Beach custard (malt... mmmm), along with some other park tidbits such as bumper cars, rocket ships and signage.


Video (be sure to watch in 1080 HD):

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We were in Cleveland on the way back from our Labor Day weekend through western New York and Pennsylvania, and took a tour through University Circle. While we were dissapointed that the Cleveland Botanical Garden was closed, I was delighted to run into the Euclid Beach Carousel as I had not heard of the renovation. That building was closed, too, but I went up and pressed my face to the glass for a long look.

I'm so glad the project was a success and folks are taking notice. I had a spin on the ride when I was in junior high (that's what we called it then) and I don't remember much about it. The Racing Derby had already moved to Cedar Point by that time. The residents of northern Ohio are fortunate that both machines live on to entertain them in the years to come. I can't wait to get back up there to see it in person.

Video link added!

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I forgot to add my .02 to this. We went a few weeks ago. It's a very nice attraction. It had been many years since we'd been to the H.S. but it was nice to visit again. The carousel is very nicely done. I love how it is in the glass enclosure allowing you to see outside as you ride, and those on the outside to look in. The auto collection has some gems in it too.

If you want to see the carousel and like automotive history, you will get your $10 worth. But if you're not interested in the cars, there's not much else of interest there. You can plan on about a 2 hour visit if you want to soak in the carousel and read a lot of the plaques around the autos.

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I became a member of the Historical Society, which gets us access to events and things there, and at Hale Farm and Village. I'm totally happy I did. Those cars, the mansion, the carousel, it's all pretty awesome.

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