Essayist demonstrates the pointlessness of federal regulation

Posted Sunday, July 1, 2001 9:15 AM | Contributed by Jeff

While enthusiasts get all fired up about the insanity and stupidity of proposed federal regulation of amusement rides, a columnist for the site Reason takes a cooler, more level headed approach. Perhaps his best point: All parks are accountable to state or local inspection, not to mention the paranoid insurance underwriters.

Read the column on Reason.

Sunday, July 1, 2001 9:56 AM
Hey, a Sunday news update! This is new.

Webmaster, Jes's Roller Coasters
Sunday, July 1, 2001 10:14 AM
What a great article. Not only does it use the term "Wild Ass Guess," it was written by a Lynch. :)

Matt Lynch
Co-Webmaster, Kennywood Boulevard
Sunday, July 1, 2001 11:39 AM
I love the way the IAAPA defends coasters :) They managed to get Markey into it (again) *** This post was edited by bigkirby on 7/1/2001. ***
Monday, July 2, 2001 3:02 PM
As my previous post noted, nearly all of Markey's statistics are bogus. Even Lynch quotes Markey's phony mortality rate which is twice the actual rate.

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