Erieview Park to Close after 2006 Season

Unfortunately, another traditional amusement park will close after this season. Erieview Park, located at Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH will shutdown to the public forever on Sat, Sept 9. DAFE (Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts) will be sponsoring a farewell event at Erieview that day which is open to ALL card carrying amusement park and roller coaster enthusiast organizations. Details of the event can be found on DAFE's website.

DAFE is hoping to get as many enthusiasts as they can to say goodbye to this unique park. ERT will be offered on both the park's Fright Zone dark ride and The Brat kiddie coaster.

This is the press release issued by the park today:

For Immediate Release For further information: Contact Don Woodward 2006 TO BE LAST SUMMER FOR ERIEVIEW PARK Erieview Park, a small amusement park in the Lake Erie resort village of Geneva-on-the-Lake, will cease amusement park operations after this summer season. “We have decided to redevelop this lakefront parcel in order to further the Geneva-on-the-Lake resort environment. Like many lakefront areas, it has become a case of the land becoming more suitable for other uses,” said Erieview Park General Manager Don Woodward. “While we are not ready to discuss the future uses of this prime area, suffice it to say that whatever our family decides to do will enhance Geneva-on-the-Lake. It has always been our goal to improve and develop the resort’s recreational aspects. We have really never taken advantage of its 700’ of shoreline, and we hope to make that a focal point. We are looking at three different and diverse uses for the area, and are currently involved in a feasibility study,” said Woodward. Woodward is one of the three family members who own and operate Erieview Park. Started in 1945 by Woodward’s grandfather, E.M. “Pop” Pera, Woodward’s sisters Martha Fenlason and Donna Colby also are involved in the operation. Originally founded as a kiddy park with just two rides, the park has expanded to the current 18-ride lineup of 9 adult and 9 kiddy rides. It is located in the center of the Geneva-on-the-Lake entertainment strip on an 8-acre parcel. Erieview Park is open daily from Noon through August 27, then Labor Day weekend September 1 through September 4. The final day that Erieview Park will be open to the public is Saturday, September 9; a private group is scheduled in the park on Sunday, September 10. Norton Auctioneers of Coldwater, Michigan on Tuesday, October 3, will sell the park’s rides, equipment, and memorabilia. Norton Auctioneers is a world-renowned auction company specializing in the liquidation of amusement parks, carnivals, zoos, family entertainment centers, and museums. *** Edited 7/31/2006 11:21:03 PM UTC by Brother Dave*** *** Edited 8/1/2006 2:25:00 AM UTC by Brother Dave***

I always feel bad when a traditional park closes. Hopefully, however, two things will happen here.

First, I would like to see that darkride relocated to another park. I remember when the stunts for this ride were in the Haunted House at West View Park. Fortunately, there is another great Tracey darkride not far away at Waldameer.

Second, I hope that the demise of Erieview means more business for Conneaut Lake Park. This park can certainly use every break that it can get.

Arthur Bahl

Or the closure could help Waldameer because it is closer and advertised more in that region.

I've seen the park from a car and looked more like a carnival. I hear almost nothing about it even though it's only an hour at the most away. O well these very small parks in small cities are a dying breed.

This is hardly a "park". The annual CMU carnival in Pittsburgh (frats bring in carnies and build their own food stands) is more organized, safer looking, more of a "park" and more fun. To call this a "traditional" park is an insult to places like Kennywood ...

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
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Another one bites the dust. :(

I hate seeing any park go, especially a park I will never get to see.


I was working out near Geneva a few weeks ago and almost stopped by the park.

Looks like I'll have to swing out there sometime.

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It's a fun little place, but really it's the atmosphere of Geneva on the Lake itself that's got to be experienced.

Don't forget their dark ride, John. It shows boobies.

Is this park more like the old version of Como Town? If so, no big loss.
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The next time I decide to go to a small park, stop me....I'm like the Grim Reaper for places like this - but I should at least have pics.
So you going to SFEG here in a few weeks pretty much confirms it will be gone after this season too? ;)
It's sad to lose these little parks. Because we'll never see their likes again. Every park evokes fond memories for someone. Erieview's Brat was my first coaster as a young child. Which makes this loss more personal for me. "Carnival" or not, I've had fun and a lot of fond memories of Erieview over the years!
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^^ Swoosh, THAT was pretty much confirmed BEFORE I booked my flights...IMO. But, yes, pretty sure.

Other parks I've taken out include, but are not limited to: SFAW, MBP, Williams Grove, Libertyland, Adventure City (is that closed YET?), LeSourdesville/Americana, Miracle Strip, SFMM, and I'm not even sure what to say about High Roller ("hey, at least the rest of the rides are still there?").

At least SFDL will get turned over to PARK owners...:)

But then again, there's SFEV, Frontier City, and Clementon that ain't looking too swell...and the Jersey shore parks, fuggedaboutit! ;)

If you love your park, don't let me in the gates...
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What the Freakn' is going on!?

That makes this the 4th park to close or change names in Ohio this year!! And the 2nd at least to close down!

This is truly sad, since it has some GREAT history up there.

But like a few have said, it's not just about the park. One MUST go up and experience the WHOLE strip. It's just such a great place to visit!

While at the park itself, you must also ride the Fright Zone.

I have A TON of pics if anyone wants to see the place. Here are some excellent 360 degree pics that will give anyone a feel for the place:

Erie View Park 360 Degree Pictures

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I remember the CMU spring carnival. Fraternities and other groups would build games, some of which were quite creative. Our group had a game that was very similar to those ball rolling race games that you find at many parks and carnivals today.

The carnies were a company with a good reputation for safe ride operation. They brought in some of their best rides such as a Sky Wheel or a Zipper.

Another highlight of the event was the Buggy Races. This was a cross between bobsledding and the Soap Box Derby. Those engineering students would really get involved in designing those things.

Arthur Bahl

The park by *itself* isn't much but to call it an insult to traditional parks is just wrong. The rides are an important part of the Geneva-on-the-Lake "strip, and the area as a whole is about as traditional as one can get.

The press release is right about one thing: The frontage on Lake Erie is currently not utilized. Most of the shoreline is overgrown to the extent that you can't even see the lake. I hope it is true that they will replace the rides with something else that will enhance the quirky old-time resort atmosphere, otherwise, I fear for the entire "strip". Woodward seems to have his hands in many of the strip's attractions so there is reason to believe that the park property will become something fitting with the area.

The dark ride is the big concern. It would be nice if it could stay and continue to operate. It's attached to a restaurant building (which has strip frontage), and it doesn't seem like it would be in the way of future plans for the Erieview property.

Bill you are officially banned from all Missouri theme parks. ;)
This is sad. I guess I will have to take the family up there one last time in the next few weeks. This also removes the last remaining Flying Scooter at a park that is open to the public on a daily basis in Ohio. It also removes any real reason for us to ever go back to Geneva-on-the-Lake. We did make one trip up there to eat at Eddies just for the heck of it but that was all we did and it really isn't worth the trip just for that.


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You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

You must be referring only to Flying Scooters in Ohio. There is one about an hour's drive from Erieview at Conneaut Lake Park. *** Edited 8/1/2006 6:33:27 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

As far as the rest of the strip being in danger, I don't think that's too far off the mark. The turnover in business there is incredible year-to-year for such a backwater place. They had some sort of electrocution accident at the carney games this year that had them shut down right after 4th of July weekend and the one games parlor at the end of the strip is for sale, not to mention the mini golf being for sale. If you do like/appreciate the place (which I don't on either count) I would get up there in the next year or two if you want to see "the real Geneva". Methinks corporate America will come to Geneva soon enough ...

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
We just stopped at Erieview on the way back from our Conneaut/Waldameer trip, not knowing anything about them closing next, I'm glad we did. I loved the area and the road the park is on. The park itself? Pretty run-down, but the dark ride was fun! I think some of the props weren't working properly, though.


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