ErieView Auction date set.

I wonder how much the Scooters will go for.

After looking that site further, they sold an Arrow coaster for $55,000. Such a Deal!

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My guess for a decent condition 8 tub flying scooter is about 15 grand.

It all depends on who shows up and who's interested, They might go for a thousand, Who knows?

Chuck, who seen about $20,000 dollars in wood coaster track pins go for $50 at the CCI auction. Nobody in actual park buisness was actually there. I bet they got 500 just for scrap prices for em.

The track bender however was sold to CCI's forman at 20 grand. He's since done hades and Voyage with it :) and it was home built by Charlie Dinn.

Chuck, who'll have to dig up my auction report sometime. I still got one the only two bench steel wooden coaster tub on the planet!

I wonder if that girl who made pouncing tiger is interested in making it a roller?

You mean me? ;)

I might go to that auction and see what happens. I could come across a good deal! I missed one on ebay, a guy was selling a Hershell kiddie coaster for only $800 but I ended up not bidding (I should have)

yeah you :)

Chuck, who knows you could get the flyers for a few hundred, it's all in who's there and interested in what.

Someone important might be there to drive up some of the prices, though ;)
I'm actually almost considering trying to get the flyers if they go for a few hundred.

No idea what I'd do with them after I got them...

I'd love to get the Scooters or the Train.
Aw heck, even the HandCars would be fun.

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I actually have my eye on the handcars. Not sure where I could set them up though.
While at the Norton Website I noticed that Paul Bunyon Park in Branaird, Minnesota is Closing too. :( I visited that park in 1989 while en route to the ACE Summer Conference at Valleyfair! and Arnold's Park. They had a little Steel "Credit" Coaster as well as a rather unusual ride that sent riders 50 feet up a Glass Tube on a Cushion of Air. That ride was not mentioned in the Brocure, so I don't know what happened to it.
If there are a few of us who are going to be there, we should meet up! We could also silently agree on what we want so we aren't bidding against each other. Dibs on the flyers! :)

The key factor in auction prices for rides is simply how many parks (or carnivals) are interested in a particular ride. If none are, the ride is sold cheaply for scrap or to collectors or as museum pieces (eg. Zippin Pippin at the Libertyland auction). If one park is interested, they can get a real bargain as DelGrossos did with Revolution. If more than one park is interested, that is when the price can get higher, especially if the ride is a rare one. *** Edited 9/6/2006 12:40:15 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

There will (supposedly) be quite a few people from other amusement parks at the auction, so I'd imagine most of the prices driven beyond the reach of most enthusiasts. That said, I might be interested in being a "financial backer" to anyone bidding on the scooters!
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I'll supply the piece of land for the scooters! :)

AV Matt
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That is Paul Bunyan Amusement Park in Bemidji, MN that is on Norton's website. That park closed in 2003.

It is not Paul Bunyanland in Brainerd, MN.

And yes, I have never seen a drop ride like that!

Paul Bunyanland has alot of unique rides! Don't miss this park!

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ALL the usual suspects are here...LOL!

Talked with the manager for awhile the day we went to Erieview....Norton apparently does most of the auctions involving amusement rides/ on the looked for a TR coming your way...(all parks bulletin, hehe, APB).

and while I'd love to ride some of these goodies at your residences (Matt, Michael, Sara, etc.)....I'd still KINDA prefer they go to parks where they could be enjoyed by MANY more people.

Of course, if no parks are buying...then by ALL means, save these rides. If I had the land (and the money, LOL), that train would be mine - all mine... :)

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You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

When a few of us were going to buy the Euclid Beach scooters we were considering "donating" the ride to a needy park like Bushkill, where the lease price probably would have come in the form of a season pass of some sort. Of course, since a certain park in Elysburg got to them before we did, things never got very far.

I'm with gator- the rides should be in a park, unless no park wants them, in which case private ownership is a LOT better than a dumpster!

How many parks want these older rides anyway? Is there really much demand for a used octopus? I suspect that most of them are going to end up as a parts source for parks that already these rides.
I'd love for a park like Knoebels to pick up the Octopus. After riding Erieview's, I was reminded of how much fun they are. But I agree that a lot of parks in attendance might see Erieview's stuff as a bunch of parts doners.
CLP appears to be interested in the Ferris wheel as a replacement for the one they currently have but which is badly in need of repair. Both wheels are 12 seat Big Elis.

I would like to see some park pick up the Fright Zone stunts and cars for addition to their park. Wouldn't it be nice if Conneaut Lake could get them and then DAFE and others could help with the cost of setting the ride up. First, this would draw in much of the former Erieview business. Second, this would bring in more people from Pittsburgh (the ride used to be at West View). Third, this would put CLP in a better competitive position vs Waldameer which will soon be adding a big wooden coaster.

Arthur Bahl

I understand there are a few parties interested in Fright Zone.

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