Epcot's Wonders of Life to be a seasonal attraction

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Walt Disney World will be operating Epcot's Wonders of Life on a seasonal basis. The park says that its popularity isn't as strong and will only operate during parts of the season where attendance is at its peak.

Read more from Florida Today.

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Well, I made my feelings about this pretty clear earlier. I think this is crap. Either the attraction is good enough to be operated year round or it isn't. If it isn't, build something else in it's place.
Just like everything else Disney does, halfbaked and not in the name of quality. Continuing to cut corners. Makes you wonder about the maintenance still.
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I will stand by the attraction for what it was/is. Cranium Command was a sleeper hit as far as I was concerned. A lot of people miss it but if you had a chance to see it I think you would enjoy it.

Body Wars, for the first significant simulator attraction, was pretty good but Star Tours certainly stole some of its thunder. Why they couldn't go in and update the movie (which had been the intention of all of the simulator attractions) is beyond me.

They are taking the "easy" way out by making this a seasonal attraction instead of doing the work (and spending the money) to make it a draw again. This is a dangerous trend in my opinion for the overall guest experience...something Disney formerly prided itself on.

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Obviously at year round parks there will be times where certain attractions will be down for seasonal maintenance or routine problems. That I can understand.

What I don't agree with is shuttering any attraction for no legitimate reason. Maybe the park isn't as crowded, but I still paid full price to get in, and deserve to be able to attend any operable attraction.

I don't buy it. You go to McDonald's at 2am, they're not as busy. They're not gonna sell you a Big Mac meal with no fries and charge the same. "We're not busy enough to justify operating a fryer, sir."

Wait, It says right in the article that the Disney spokesperson said that it was not a financial decision. This is the result of visitor research. LOL!!!!!*** This post was edited by John Lange 12/15/2003 6:41:03 PM ***
It would be fun for me to call anything *not* themed half-baked and not in the name of quality. I won't, but I can think it and laugh. It's silly for them to run Wonders of Life only on a seasonal basis and if it's not the same draw, they need to put something new there. It wouldn't be a bad or surprising idea and they can just keep going right down the line from Test Track to Mission: Space to ??? Cranium Command was the only real reason to stop there for me. What a great show it is. Wonders of Life is an idea bigger and greater than what it actually is, so I hope they can keep it and update everything.


And people questioned my last trip report.....
Actually, having just gotten back from Disney World, I'm not all that surprised that WoL is closing- both times I was in the "80s-like mall decor" pavilion, it was absolutely deserted. The two "star" attractions there barely had lines, Body Wars and Cranium Command. What I don't understand is why they aren't restricting the hours there instead of closing it altogether- it didn't seem like it needed a lot of cast members to run.

As for the future, I need not worry myself about it. Eventually, this pavilion will come to "Life" again- there is much space to build for the future in there, as well as keeping the somewhat popular BW and CC going.

By the way, I felt that Body Wars was way more intense than either Star Tours or Mission: Space; in fact, that was the only attraction that required me to ride the bench for a few minutes.

You didn't say anything about things being closed or down for fun or random reason #7, so what I said there still stands Johnson. :)


I dont like the way Disney keeps cutitng vosts and making us suffer, that attraction wuz way cool. How R we spposedf t keep track of all that is open there or not. Not fair. I want a discount!!!!!!

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