EPCOT question

Monday, January 29, 2001 7:43 PM
What was in the Test Track Building BEFORE Test Track was there? In the Original Model of the park, the building was there, though it was not Test Track then. HELP!

Also, what were the original countries in World Showcase when the park opened?


Scorching the Competition in 2001
Monday, January 29, 2001 8:55 PM
I fell asleep in Horizons. What a stinker. Fell asleep in Capt. Eo, too. Terrible.
Monday, January 29, 2001 8:59 PM
Hey! Horizons was cool. I'll have to agree about Capt. EO though. At least Disney knows to close something bad and make it better. Especially shown with the three examples in this thread. I love Test Track and Honey, I shrunk the Audience. Mission:Space should be an excellent ride too.
Tuesday, January 30, 2001 5:44 AM
Before Test Track was the World of Motion. Horizons will become the Mission Space attraction.
Tuesday, January 30, 2001 1:57 PM
The original countries in the World Showcase were:Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Norway, America. Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Tuesday, January 30, 2001 8:05 PM
Norway opened in fall of 1988. Very close you were.
Tuesday, January 30, 2001 8:06 PM
Whoops, Canada was there. About as exciting as the real thing.

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