Entertaining article about Blackpool...

Home to an £8 million SLC that is two hundred feet tall... otherwise known as a second hand standard model from Southport!


Wtf? Who wrote that junk?
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IIRC, there was some controversy over on RRC when The Big One opened about BPB measuring it's height from sea level vs ground level. Sounds like the same sort of thing here, too.
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This is the best part for sure:

Pleasure Beach's deputy managing director, Nick Thompson, said: "There have been some elements of the Traumatizer taken from Southport and incorporated into the ride, there is a little similarity between the two rides."

Oh good, they're only using some of it. ;)


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Billed as featuring "five incredible loops and rolls, a looming lake glittering below, a deliciously wicked double line twist and awesome water effects...

Sounds like "Intrusion" is JUST a relocation to me...*maybe* BPPB is going to replace some trackwork (unlikely due to the age, but, ummm, well, an SLC is still an SLC).

What exactly is being "infused"? Headbanging? ;)

edit: Upon further reflecting (pond): Ninja at SFoG is entirely over water...it's also Vekoma...it also stinks. What a coup for Blackpool! (Sarcasm *fully* intentional).

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Maybe the footers will be 80 feet high?

rollergator said:What exactly is being "infused"? Headbanging?

Sounds like a bad Japanese translation!:


To inspire
To emotionally charge
To soak or be soaked in order to extract flavour


The act of infusing


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