End Of Williams Grove As We Know It

From the local news:

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Well, at least SOME of the rides will be operating this season!
I hate to sound negative towards the parks situation, but what do you think they will do with the coasters there or any of the rides, another astroworld or have they already started selling off stuff.

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C'Mon.... run the coaster during flea market hours..

...need...the...credit... ;)

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Hell, They might even be able to repair the coaster if they charged 3 bucks a ride.

Still wondering about the dark ride and fun house.


Eh, it sounds great to me; I thought the entire park had been demolished by now.

Heck, if the rides turn out to be popular again, maybe the park will be re-born.

"operated the Silver Spring flea market for years before Kreitzer sold the land to make way for a shopping center..."

So how long until WG becomes yet another shopping center?

“It was just too hard to compete with places like Hershey Park,”

Who says they had to? Find your own niche and make it work. HP isn't all things to everybody. Provide what the big parks can't or won't and you can make a decent profit.

“They say, ‘I want to go on the merry-go-round,’” he says.

Now maybe if people had said that 2-3 years ago, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. The park would have had more promise as a park, instead of becoming just one more site for people to collect "stuff."

A follow up--"the morning after" as it were:


Flea market opens at Williams Grove park

“We just wanted to get started,” said organizer Alan Kreitzer.

By Heather Stauffer, Sentinel Reporter, April 2, 2007

At 6 a.m. Sunday, Alan Kreitzer thought his flea market partner might be playing an April Fools’ trick on him.

“We had done $1 worth of business at the food stand,” he said, and few vendors had arrived. His partner, Troy Celesky, had told him that a lot of people were planning to come — but where were they?

Just a little late, that’s all.

“A quarter after six, they all rolled in,” said
Celesky, who appeared as happy to see the 100 or so vendors as Kreitzer was.

Previously, the two operated the Silver Spring flea market, which closed when Kreitzer sold the land to make way for a shopping center.

Sunday was opening day for the pair’s new flea market at the William Grove Amusement Park. Although the day dawned chilly and then turned wet around 11 a.m., they said they were happy.

“We just wanted to get started,” said Kreitzer,
explaining that being up and operating is a large part of letting people know that there’s a new flea market in town.

And that seemed to have happened: Kreitzer said he saw a lot of people just walking through the park, browsing the stands and looking at the old rides.

In about a month, some of those rides will, like the market, be open for business. Kreitzer explained that park owner Morgan Hughes is planning to sell most of the rides, but that the merry-go-round, carousel and a
few kiddie rides should be running in May.
Dina Bateman of Camp Hill sorts through the tulips and hyacinths during her visit Sunday to the flea market at Williams Grove.(Curt Werner/Special to The Sentinel)

“It worked out very well,” said Kreitzer. He noted that as late as Wednesday, they hadn’t been sure if they would be ready to open or not. They will also be open next week, on Easter Sunday.

“It’s a very special day,” said Kreitzer, “but it’s also a family day.”

One of the families who turned out despite the weather Sunday was that of Carlisle resident Ted Hoover, who came with his wife, mother-in-law and daughter.

“It was great,” said Hoover. “It’s going to be nice to get the kids down here, families together.”

“For a start day with blah weather this wasn’t bad,” said Deb Hoover.

Buck Klinger, who sells baseball cards and sports collectibles, deemed the day a success even after the rain started: He was under a pavilion.

“It’s very nice traffic,” he said. “A lot of people know about it.” Klinger, who used to sell at Silver Spring, said he recognized most of the standholders.

Trout stream called

A few yards away was another stand selling sports cards, this one under a canopy.

Kevin Krasovic, the owner’s son, said his dad was pleased with the day.

“He was doing pretty good,” said Krasovic.

But eventually, he said, his dad couldn’t stay away from the creek, especially with the beginning of trout fishing season. Krasovic pointed to the river behind him, where a man was fishing in hip waders: “He just got in.”

Dee Doerflinger was working at a food stand.

“Fifteen dozen eggs,” she said. “We went through them all.” It was, she said, a great morning.

Even Fern Bover, who was selling Avon products from a table in front of her car and didn’t have a canopy, said she thought the market’s first day was a success.

“The people kept coming through,” she said, wiping off the wet bottles as she packed them back in the car. “I think it’s going to be a good market.”

Wow, they're going to open the merry-go-round AND the carousel. Huh?

Yes, its the worlds only Dueling / racing Carrousel / Merry go round... built like two carrousels side by side that sort of interlock / interact like an egg beater. It is going to be themed like a mideval jousting tourney where each rider will get a long pole and will attempt to knock other riders off of their horses.

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I wonder if the flea market has those little pinwheels for sale that Gonch loves so much. ;)

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LOL! Thanks, thrillerman. I almost let a Williams Grove thread go by without a link to the pinwheel photo.

I'm slipping.

You know, it's the withered price sticker on the one fin that totally puts it over the top. :)

With any luck, some vendor will be selling those "old lady bent over in her garden" figurines.
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Ahhh, yes. Another staple of the rural flea market scene. :)

I often wonder if people buy those because they think they're witty or they do it for the irony of having something so stupid in their yard?

well this is gitting more and more common but all i have to say is:

"Another one bites the dust"

You know, if you took one of those lady bent over figures and positioned it just right with a gardne gnome, you could have lots of accidents in front of your house. :)

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