Enclosed traditional rides

Compare your experiences of riding traditional amusement rides that have been enclosed in a building of some sort (scramblers, himalayas, etc.)? If you haven't been on one, you are missing out!

I have always been a big fan of this idea ever since I rode Poltergeist (Eli Bridge Scrambler) at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ in the 80's. Since then they moved it out of a canvas dome into a nicer building at the end of the pier and renamed it the Centrifuge. I personally liked my experience on the Meteorite at Dorney Park a bit better (PTC ride) even though I don't remember a fog machine or the amount of lighting that Casino Pier uses. I have also ridden the Black Widow (Scrambler) at Ghost Town in the Sky (visited in '95, they may not have it this year), it was less than exciting compared to Casino Pier's version. I missed out on the Cosmotron when I was at Knoebels in the late 80's and don't remember seeing it. What other rides are out there with similar enclosures/lights?

I didn't want to start this in "Cosmotron at Knoebles" that Berg-und-Talbahn posted since it was a little off topic but do want to thank him/her for giving me the idea for this post (and yes, I searched for an existing post).

Cosmotron (himalaya) @ Knoebels

Space Odyessy (caterpillar) @ Delgrosso's

Mind Scrambler (scrambler) @ Rye Playland

Gyrosphere (scrambler) @ Seabreeze

Ultimate Trip (scrambler) @ Conneaut Lake until recently.

Catapult (scrambler) @ Busch Gardens The Olde Country circa 1977 (not to be confused with the more recent "open air" ride of the same name (though different spelling) (MIGHT be the same scrambler... but no longer enclosed)

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Psycho Dome-Indoor Scrambler at Canobie Lake

Cyclone Sam-Trabant at World's of Fun

Tomb Raider-Giant Top Spin at King's Island

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Psycho Dome was one of the few rides I didn't get on at Canobie, I was wondering what was in there.

I believe there was also some sort of enclosed flat ride up at Funtown USA if I remember correctly.

Miracle Strip had three enclosed rides that I loved riding much more than their outdoor counterparts.

Dante's Inferno - Indoor Trabant. Orgasmic!

Can't remember the name, but it was an ice/snow themed Scrambler - awesome with the smoke and mirrors and a/c.

Indoor Tilt A Whirl - painted all black with spider themed glow in the dark stuff. Very cool.

I'm always torn on the idea of enclosed flats. I usually like the combination of spinning/lighting effects/loud rock music but I'm also a fan of being able to enjoy rides in their original, outdoor forms.
SWEET! Trabants indoors! I like coasterfreaky's comment about it. I about figured someone would do a an enclosed Tilt, but why is the scrambler still the most popular to enclose I wonder... 2nd to the scrambler in popularty seems to be the himalaya and caterpillar. Did the enclosed Trabants have lighting or other special effects? I can only assume these all had kickin' sound systems. *** Edited 5/3/2007 6:02:45 PM UTC by jshorerzd***

Wasn't the indor scrambler at Miracle Strip called "Abominable Snow Man"?


And on the same ride, being in the heart of the "Redneck Riveria", it wsn't rock music but rather (of course) country... or at least it was when I rode it during its final season.

Above I mentioned Catapult at BGOC. What I remember was that unlike all the other indoor rides I have ridden, this was themed to look like a medieval catapult and the interior of the building was themed to look castle like and I don't recall what (if any) music was being played... much more impressive than other enclosed flats I have encountered. Of course, this was 30 years ago now and my memory could be a bit foggy on this... or else my (then) 10 year old brain was just easier to impress. *** Edited 5/3/2007 6:08:31 PM UTC by SLFAKE***

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Another question on the Trabants; was the park model or trailer model used for the enclosed versions? Tilt -n- Hurls and Himalayas aren't trailer mounted and Scramblers didn't use to be but was there ever a Caterpillar mounted by the manufacturer?
SLFAKE - Yes, it was the abominable snow man! Awesome ride!

jshorerzd - I can't say for sure, but I think it was the park model. There were strings of lights carefully placed on the dome ceiling and I think quite a few other lights inside as well. The ride operator was also the dj, so thumpin music was sure to be had. I remember most of the ride ops would bring big cd and tape cases to entertain the crowds. Sigh.

Opryland had an indoor Intamin Drunken Barrels - those were fun as well. Strobes and blacklights everywhere.


Pictures of exterior of Dante's Inferno & The Abominable Snowman exterior...among other MS pics.


Exterior of The Dungeon.

Can't seem to find any indoor pics.

Cyclone Sam's at World of Fun is a Chance Wipeout indoors.
Thanks coasterfreaky! I sure would have enjoyed the "Drunken Barrels" if it is the ride type I am thinking of (good airtime for riders passing over the highest point as the platform drops). Oh to have had the chance to ride Chaos would have been a dream come true. The only park model Trabant I have ever seen was at SFGAdv and it rested at a slight angle (just a foot or so off the ground at one end and maybe 4 feet on the other end). The trailer model Trabants were a good 4 feet off the ground.

I will be curious to see just how many different types of traditional rides have been enclosed! Hey Touchdown, how is Tomb Raider compared to an open air version?

^The ride is themed to a cursed tomb complete with ice (that melts on you) on the ceiling and "boiling lava" below you. KI has the thing on a very tame ride program though, its fun, and I make it a point to ride it when I go there but every time I walk out a little disappointed with how tame it is. That said, if this was a standard outdoor version I would probably not ride it.

Its also hard to compare to the outdoor version though because this is a Giant Top Spin, and the only Giant sized Top Spin I have been on. It may not seem like a big deal but after experiencing a Giant Frisbee and a normal one they provide a surprisingly different ride.

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Great thread!

"Little Deuce Coupe" was the name of the enclosed Intamin Drunken Barrel ride at OL. Originally it was an outside ride named "Disc Jockey" (IIRC), but when the area got a makeover it was enclosed and renamed.

It's really too bad we don't see this type of flat being installed now because it was great family fun. Similar but different from a conventional tea cup ride in that the whole table would raise to about a 45 degree angle while the ride was in motion. Insanely fun! I believe SFStL still has their version boarded up (WHY???), and the only other one I ever rode was at SFOG in the Lickskillet section.

"Cyclone Sam's" at WOF...best enclosed Wipeout award!

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
When I was younger I remember Crystal Beach having an enclosed scrambler. The cars and interior of the building were painted with neon colors, "graffiti - like" patterns if I remember correctly. They used black light and strobes. I believe it was only around a few years. It was fun. I don't remember the name.

SLFAKE said:
Catapult (scrambler) @ Busch Gardens The Olde Country circa 1977 (not to be confused with the more recent "open air" ride of the same name (though different spelling) (MIGHT be the same scrambler... but no longer enclosed)

In fact that scrambler is the same one that was once inside. It was taken out when they turned its building into a show building (now home to the castle auction show, forget the name.)

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The Great Escape had an enclosed Scrambler, the Magical Mystery Dome, up until a few years ago. It is now outdoors. I've also been on Seabreeze's, which was a milder ride but had a much better light and music system than TGE's. Doesn't SFNE also have an enclosed Wipeout? I don't remember exactly what it's called though (Joker's Wildcard maybe?), nor have I ridden it.

Schwarzkopf shuttle loops...The most possible fun in 36 seconds.

Like thrillerman said or was trying to say Twist and Shout at SFOG, also at SFMM the ride heading towards Samari Summit, cant think of the name but would anyone consider it one.

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