Enchanted Village to add new coasters beginning next year

Posted Monday, May 28, 2001 4:36 PM | Contributed by supermandl

Wild Waves and Enchanted Village, recently purchased by Six Flags, Inc., will likely announce new rides this fall slated for the 2002 season. Company representatives say they will conduct feasibility studies to determine what rides would best suit the park.

Read more from The South County Journal.

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Monday, May 28, 2001 6:25 PM
What city in Oregon is Six Flags Enchanted Village located in? please reply soon.:)
Monday, May 28, 2001 7:16 PM
Federal Way, Washington. Not in Oregon.

Musician, snowboarder, member of ACE and the ECC
Tuesday, May 29, 2001 3:42 AM
Brandon, you may be thinking of the Enchanted Forest, which is located in Turner, OR.
Tuesday, May 29, 2001 11:32 AM
It is in Federal Way, Washinton. Which is equdistant to Tacoma and Seattle. The major landmark is the Sea-Tac airport which is about 5-10 minutes away from the park. Seattle is the bigger of the 2 cities and will serve at the gateway for vacation destinations for the local area. It is 15-20 minutes from the park. It was in stated the local papers recently that Enchanted Village may possibly remain/keep the same name rather than bring it into the "SIX FLAGS" family i.e Six Flags Enchanted Village for example. It may become an affiliate of the SIX FLAGS theme park. This reasoning may be due to the size of the park which is not that big and other logistical issues i.e. SIX FLAGS itself does not own the land the park is on. They will add a wooden coaster and a steel coaster by 2003(this is due to the fact that the park was bought in Oct of 2000 which is the end of the theme park season. No rushed plans have been made in terms of promotion because of this issue.) Nothing further after that has been planned. No construction of any kind has begun on the park. Recently(2 week ago) members of the Six Flags company were at the park looking for ways to re vamp and change exisitng rides. But again nothing has been set in stone. Also they were looking at traffic issues in the area and the impact it may have on the local region. Currently the park sits on I-5 with only a fence separating the park from traffic. New lights and an intersection would have to created to improve traffic conditions. Six Flags does not own the land the park currently sits on. But they bought the rights to the name and the existing rides that sit in the park. Also Six Flags bought the adjacent water park as well and will begin steps to improve a few things there. Enchanted Parks currently consists of carnival rides and cheap kiddie rides. So expect some MAJOR improvements.

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