Empty MiA- June 19, 2002

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Thursday, June 20, 2002 3:52 PM

Since I had to miss TimbersFest, I had to go this week. Although it was not a coaster-riding session, I did get a few laps on Timbers, and a long well deserved visit to the Waterpark.

We (I took my cousin) arrived at opening time 11:00, and headed straight for the Zoomer. No line at all. A quick ride on that and Be-Bop. Be-Bop isn't exactly what I'd call a car-ride though, because there's no pedal. Corkscrew's back seat gave a nice ride, then so did Mad Mouse. That swing over the parking lot still almost made me loose my brunch.

Wildcat gave a nice SMOOTH ride today. I screamed (as always) to make it sound thrilling. The line came as it usually does, dragging a dozen people looking off Timbers. Hehe. My little trick.

I had to give Timbers a quick run before I was off to the wp, and brought my small-yet-growing lap count a 1 jump. Haha. My little joke. It was a good ride, in the back seat.

Flying Trapeze needed some riders, so I hopped on. The ride-op kept doing something funny with the ride (it was making noises). Onto the waterpark.

Now, at the botom of Mine Shaft they tell you 4 to a raft, and at the top, only 3. Weird. I got 2 rides in on that, Snake Pit's three slides got a ride from me, and so did Slidewinders. Cyclone Zone, Comotion Ocean, and the speed slides weren't open.

Hydroblaster, what a ride. I didn't like the fact that the metal at the top was so hot, but it was fine. Love that ending sound. Adventure Falls wasn't very busy all day, just a few riders at a time. I would also classify this a "water coaster" because it's all coaster track stuff (like Perilous Plunge).

Then, my last ride on Timbers before I had to leave (although I should have stayed for the empty park), in the front seat. This was my (and my cousin's) first ride in front seat. What a ride. I got a pic from the 2nd to last seat, if I can find it. It's in with the Mean Streak and Mantis on-ride photos. If I find it I'll post it.


Who can go a whole day at MiA riding Timbers ONCE? Repeat after me: "I hate parent chaperones"

Thursday, June 20, 2002 4:05 PM
Great tr.............
Thursday, June 20, 2002 6:54 PM
Umm......................glad you had a good time!

Good Times!! Good Times!!


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