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Sunday, September 16, 2001 10:21 AM
Europe is definitely having a boom in coasters and I am mighty happy to see it happening. All the new ride seem to be very unique and innovative especially for  2002. The united kingdom has been pretty big on coasters for a while but some countries like Germany are really just getting into the amusement park boom. Look it the new addition like X-pedition G-Force and the intamin hyper woodie, Collosus. those are some big time coasters and just think of the hyper beemer Silver Star and the Giga, too. Germany is going to have some permiere coaster parks.
Sunday, September 16, 2001 10:37 AM
I agree, the UK is really getting some great rides! Don't forget Japan with SD2K and White Cyclone.
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Sunday, September 16, 2001 11:29 AM
Six Flags is definitely getting in on the popularity of coasters in Europe by building and aquiring all sorts of parks. I think the new park Warner Bros. park in Madrid should be most excellent with two beemers, Giant invertigo and a intamin woodie. I wish i could check it out some time!!!
Sunday, September 16, 2001 11:52 AM
The UK has always been pretty big in coasters.  In fact one of the things that makes me want to go to the UK to ride coasters is the number of classic older coasters of types rare or missing in the US such as a wooden mouse, a couple of side frictions, and several scenic railways.

There does seem to be a coaster boom starting on the continent and their are also a number of coasters in Korea as will as Japan.

Sunday, September 16, 2001 2:30 PM

Jim Fisher said:
In fact one of the things that makes me want to go to the UK to ride coasters is the number of classic older coasters of types rare or missing in the US such as a wooden mouse, a couple of side frictions, and several scenic railways. 

Don't forget about the Steeplechase and I think that the UK has the only remaining Virginia Reel.

Sunday, September 16, 2001 3:35 PM
Definately Europe and Japan
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Sunday, September 16, 2001 3:45 PM
Yeah Europe and Japan are pretty lucky on what they get but we get a lot of stuff they wish they  had to. I think it is funny on how when you don't have something you wish you were where they had that but the country you wish you were at has the same feelings. I mean here in the U.S. I would like to get some of the stuff Japan and The U.K. has been getting, but I always here People from Europe and Japan wishing they got stuff we got. It is wierd How things are.
chill factor
Sunday, September 16, 2001 6:59 PM
Heh heh!! (A pleased UK resident!)

Jordons' dead right-'X' for example!
Theres generally less capitol for parks over here to spend, so don't expect as much as in the states, but be pleasantly surprised with loads of character... the Virginia reel( Tyrolean Tubs) is at Gt Yarmouth, also home to one of the scenics, the other at Dreamland in Margate, with a Schwarzkopf silver arrow-Looping Star. The side friction coaster is at Rotunda Park in Folkestone. Theres 3 woodies inc a racer at Blackpool, the Grand National/ Big One/ Rollercoaster/ Big Dipper/ Avalanche/ Revolution/ Space Invader/ Steeplechase- like a 70's version of the Coney Island ride... The Wild mouse is one of my faves, theres another one, King Solomans' Mines just down the coast with a Vek SLC, Traumatizer at Pleasureland-, Southport. I'm sure I don't need to go into detail about Altons' Air / Nemesis/ Oblivion/ Black Hole!etc The Ultimate's great-a 5 1/2 minute ride at Lightwater Valley, there's a really interesting underground Schwarz there to, the Rat. Nearby Flamingoland has 2 great Schwarzkopfs, the Bullet, a unique in-a-knot shuttle looper, and Magnum, formerly Drier Looping, a triple looper if  U dont speak Schwarzkopf!! Thorpe's 10 Looper, Colossus, Chessingtons' Vampire, Oakwoods' Megafobia, Fantasy Island will be an underated park by next year to when Odyssey joins Millenium Coaster.  Drayton Manor has an Intamin stand-up with an inline twist, Shockwave, and an Intamin stand-up giant drop ride, Apocalypse. Theres a Pinfari Looper, Klondike Old Mine there to, but you'll find loads of these dotted about. I haven't 'done' the German parks and fairs yet or Italian/ Spanish/ Dutch/ Scandanavian parks, but theres too many rides worth visiting to mention. Paris is a must though, The Space Mountain is the best of them all, and Park Asterix's Tonnere De Zeus is a great screeching woodie-the noise of the side friction wheels on the helixes is really loud...and Goudurix is really photogenic but a bit rough, (even speaking as a pro-Vekoma man)!! If U come over, look drop me a line, I'll be happy to show you around!
Need any more reasons to travel to the EU?!!


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Wednesday, September 19, 2001 2:13 PM
I think Germany is starting to emerge as a good place for coasters...
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Thursday, September 20, 2001 1:13 PM
Well, I'm 14, broke, and don't think I will be getting out of the country soon. But I would loving to go on a coaster trip through Europe.


Thursday, September 20, 2001 4:00 PM
Can anyone say Germany?  Europe's tallest woodie, and soon to be tallest coaster.  There is a lot of great stuff in Germany.
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Thursday, September 20, 2001 6:51 PM
yeah i already siad Germany and Spain is getting some great rides including a whole Warner bros park. but UK is definitely getting some incredible coasters with AIR, Collosus, and Odyssey. So that means UK will have the coaster with most inversions, tallest invert and only flying coaster from B&M. Not too shabby, hope i could head out there sometime next year.

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