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Hey All,

I headed out to Six Flags Great Adventure around 5pm last night. It rained all day so the park was pretty empty when I got there. I was super stoked because I was going to ride my first B&M Flyer!!

Superman: We waited about 45mins. It would have been a lot faster but the station house is so stupid and small that they sent out so many empty seats together. Every train had at least 4 empty seats together on it. I mean 2 seats there and 2 seats there. It was pretty sad. I watched some moron kid bust open his huge teddy bear and spray the stuffing all over the ground like snow. Security just watched until a ride attendant came down and told him to do something. Superman was really good and the pretzel loop is out of this world!

Nitro: Next was Nitro. I love Nitro. Waiting in line looking up at the lift hill going right into the sky. We wait about 30 mins and jump right on in the 5th row. We go up the lift and drop down and somebody spits. We ignore it and go up the next hill and drop down the same person does it again. I scream to the 3rd row about doing it again and I knock there F%$% teeth in. They stopped until the last camel back. We are sitting in the break run and I am yelling at them. 16 year old kids 4 of them. The ride unlocks and they book out of the station. I confronted them and they swear it wasn't them. I guess it was the 40 year old guys in front of them.

Skull Mountain: I like Skull mountain Station its really nice. Dark and Erie! We rode the front row. Some little girl in the seat behind was like all worried about loops her dad assured her there was none. I even turned around and told her there was none. So we rode it was fun. We come back to the station and the little girl goes "Man that was so GAY". I was cracking up.

Log Flume Plunge: Kind of borning but I like how it takes you to the back of the park and you can see the fright fest stuff set up.

Log Flume: We did the log flume and it was fun. Nice and dark out. Long bumpy ride. Wooohooo!

Medusa. Waited about 5 mins and go on the second row. Pretty nice ride. Smooth and neat in the dark.

Back to Superman. Rode in the 3rd row and I loved it.

Batman and Robin the Chiller. Road Robin in the back seat. It was fun and very rough on the way back. Waited only 1 train. Shortest I have ever seen that line.

Batman. Rode in the back the first time. No wait. Then Rode front row with no wait. Batman is the early B&M inverted coaster and though I haven't been one in a while. These early models still pack a punch. Batman could use a coat of paint and some TLC.

Mine Train: Rode in the 5th row. I don't fit on it but it’s a good ride. I'm not fat, just the bar is not nice to me.

Rolling Thunder: Rode the left side. Pretty run really rough. Rode in the back seat. Waited 1 train!

Blackbeard Lost Treasure Train: My first time and anther coaster for the track record. Rode in 3rd seat. Pretty fun little coaster with longest train I have ever seen.

The reason I never liked and I am embarrassed to call this my home park is the people and the staff. I went on a Tuesday and there was trash all over the place and people throwing it all over the place. People spitting and tearing stuff apart. There is a big hole in the station wall of Superman already from people picking it apart. The fence is all carved with people’s names. It’s only been open for like 4 months. The staff wasn't loading trains properly either. Lots of empty seats. I been going to SFGA for 5 years now on a regular basis and the park look pretty bad last night. I been to so many parks in the past few years and I am never nervous going to parks except this park. People are shady and rude! I get nervous in the Q line when I got a couple in front of me making out and 3 huge dudes in the back slap boxing.

Please do not spit when on a coaster and don't litter.


At least you have good rides. All ValleyFair has is a nice hyper, an impulse, two woodies, and a crap coaster that happens to be called corkscrew. But, at least our park has like no lines and there is no litter, and the people are actually okay.
I didn't know VF had two woodies? I'm guessing your thinking of Excalibur(steel), right.

Have you ever stood and stared at it? Marveled at its beauty. Its genius. Billions of people just living out their lives... oblivious.

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