Elitch Gardens & Eddie Murphy's new movie "Imagine That"..

Ok..a group of us went to the movies this afternoon to see the new Eddie Murphy flick "Imagine That". Pretty much most of the film was made in downtown Denver. The movie showed everything...The 16st Mall, Invesco Field at Mile High, Pepsi Center, the entire city skyline, even Interstate 25...but one thing was missing...Elitch Gardens !!!

At the beginning of the movie, there is a shot of Invesco Field and then comes the entire downtown Denver skyline from the way it looks from that football stadium...but no Elitches. At first I thought I was seeing things but my firends noticed that too. Actually one of my friends claimed the area where Elitch Gardens was supposed to be , she says was actually left "blank" in the movie.

Of course that scene lasted only a few seconds but there were other scenes I had noticed in the movie where at least that tower at Elitches should've been seen..but that too seemed to be missing.

OK has anyone else noticed this? If this is the case, wonder what was up? My friends figured maybe Elitches didn't want to be seen in the movie. Could be but of course I dont know but I have to admit it was a bit strange seeing the Denver skyline ( at least from the viewpoint of Invesco Field ) without seeing anything from Elitch Gardens.

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