Elitch Gardens

Has anyone been to Elitches this year since they are no linger a SF park? I was just wondering what others opinions and experiences were this year.
I was wondering the same thing myself. No one ever talks about the place so I'm curious to know if it's better or worse. Going by what I've heard, I don't think it could have possibly been any worse, but who knows?
This could be too anecdotal, but a few weeks back someone posted the same question, and the person who responded said something to the affect of, it was same-old, same-old, BUT the new owners had publicized some reports about wanting to vastly improve the park going forward under new ownership, and this person thought that just meant improving park upkeep and maintenance....
Again, I haven't been to the park, but it looks as though there isn't too much potential when it comes to improving the park itself. Isn't the place landlocked beyond belief? I'm guessing the improvements are supposed to be in upkeep and operations... that sort of thing.
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Yeah, the responses to the question about the sold-off SF parks were decidedly of the "nothing's changed" variety.

Nothing significant change to report other than the rainbow being retired and a new show. Future growth is extremely limited as the park is landlocked w/ no opportunity for growth unless a parking ramp was installed.
I was there last week. Nice park really; couldn't compare it against SF because it was my first visit. Only down side was two coasters down for maintenance.

My kids went last week. They said that 2 of the coasters and both of the water rides were closed. They had taken down the cups that were bought earlier this season and had some of the food vendors tell them that they had to pay the $ 1.00 refill price to get water. We live in Colorado and had bought our passes at SFOT in March, and figured we should make the most of it. I really don't think we will buy season passes for Elitches next year. As a few people have said, the park is totally landlocked and the only new thing this year was a slide for the water park. Also, they put Chaos back in its prior place. Basically, it is not somewhere we will go alot unless there is some changes.
I know most people around here don't consider shows as part of the experience, but Bailamos and the Carnaval de Fuego are both really good.

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

It's disappointing to hear that nothing changed at the "former" Six Flags parks but I'll give the new ownership a year to get their sh*t together before assuming it's the same old same old. We all gave Snyder & Shapiro a year, right?

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