Elephant miscarries late in pregnancy at Six Flags Marine World

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A baby African elephant died during labor Monday afternoon at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, where veterinarians were keeping a close watch on the mother. Tika, who was weeks overdue in her 22-month pregnancy, went into labor Saturday afternoon, but her contractions weakened after about 24 hours, according to Marine World officials. Attempts to induce labor on Sunday and early Monday failed.

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This is very sad hearing about it. I was kinda excited hearing about the elephant being expectant. I hope they figure out what happen. (I don't want to hear you guys saying its a Six Flags thing, think of the other possibilities.)

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Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens often with elephants in captivity.
An african elephant had a still born at the Toledo Zoo about two months ago. So its not a SF thing. However African Elephant births in captivity are very rare, and usually don't work out very well, unfortunately. Hopefully the other elephant in Toledo will work out OK. Good Luck Renee!

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I think its really strange how an elephant can hold a baby for 22 months. Thats really sad that the baby died.
This is sad news, I hate to hear things like this...

The baby travels eight feet to leave the birth canal. The umbilical cord detaches early so if the baby doesn't get out, it can't get air and unfortunately it dies. Babies I believe need to be pretty big to survive in the wild, especially africa.~~~~~~~Evolution is wrong~~~~

O.K. I am confused. Nowhere in the article did it mention how the deceased baby is going to be removed from the mother. They mention how she shows no sign of pain or discomfort of any kind. Thats all find and dandy but when does the 200/lbs. baby come out? I am assuming it will be eventually a delivery but wouldnt infection or something set in if the delivery is not performed soon?

I am not a veterinarian so I have no inkling of a ....*clue* as to how this works.

2 superheroes in Gurnee next season? Oh the humanity. :)

The article said Dr.Schmidt pushed it back in the uterus, in hopes that she will deliver the stillborn. There is less chance of infection in the uterus. So far AI hasn't worked out to well (unfortunately). That would have been the first successful AI birth for an african elephant if the baby survived. Rafiki at Toledo was the first impregnated, and if she would have been successful that would have been the first AI birth.
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