Ejector Seat on SFoT Shockwave?

Hey, I was wondering if there is a good ejector seat on this Schwartzkopf coaster. I will be going in a few weeks and was curious how to maximize my airtime :).



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Back row!

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Really... I haven't been to SFoT (yet), but the Mind Bender at SFoG has great ejector air in at least 2 spots from the front seat, I don't remember near as good ejector air from the back. BTW, Schwarzkopf doesn't have a "t" in it when referring to the coaster designer (easy mistake since there are 3 spellings of the name). Check out what else Anton designed...


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Matt - Right coaster, wrong row... ;)

Kidding, LOL, there's no such thing as a bad seat on an Anton. That being said, I tend to go for the more forceful *uphill* ejector found near the front of the train (row 2 is SWEET for me). The back rows certainly have MORE than their fair share of *throw* going down those awesome drops, and the forces in the loops back there are amazing.

From my perspective, this is THE ultimate looping coaster. Recent reports from "people I trust" say that this ride is no less amazing now than it was on my last rides (which were WAY too long ago).

To "maximize your airtime" - ride early and often, repeat as necessary. Oh, and take me with you... ;)

My last rides were in December 2005, and also rode it quite a bit in September 2005 during my Katrina evacuation, and March 2005 as well as on previous trips in 2004, 2003, and 2002 during both Fright Fest, Holiday In The Park, and Spring Breakout.

You can't go wrong with either the front or the back for airtime. I do seem to recall the back having a few more airtime moments than the front, but the front does deliver great air, particularly on the small hill right before the large right turn that ends the ride.

Likewise, the backseat air also gets stronger as the ride progresses, with the most insanely violent ejector moment taking place as I recall while going down the third major drop, right after the swooping turnaround near the station.

Shockwave and Mindbender are still in my top ten steel coasters, my favorite coasters with inversions, and, along with Powder Keg at SDC, are my favorite steel coasters that are not hypers.

Another great thing about Shockwave is you can often marathon on it even when the park is busy, as so many people are in line for Titan, BTR, and Freeze that this masterpiece gem of a coaster can be a bit overlooked by the "GP".

And when it gets sent out with empty seats, re-rides are often permitted, in my experience. Have fun! *** Edited 6/28/2007 5:32:24 PM UTC by Frontrider***

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It's my home park and I definitely prefer the last row by far. The best drop in the entire park (S:TOP included) is after the turnaround after the loops in the back row. It's insane!

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Frontrider said:Shockwave and Mindbender are still in my top ten steel coasters, my favorite coasters with inversions, and, along with Powder Keg at SDC, are my favorite steel coasters that are not hypers.

I have yet to get to P-Keg, but something tells me I'll like it alot....i.e., you have really good taste. ;)

Lucky lucky! You're in for a great, REAL rollercoaster. Enough B&M. These old Anton rides feel like coasters, you can feel the wheels, the track, and the space between you and the lapbar (then the lapbar!).

If I remember correctly, the last couple cars on the trains have seatbelts, with Mindbender doesn't. Shockwave needs them alot more! Mindbender is my #1 steel (yes, even in 2007), and Shockwave is top 10 as well...

You will see grey in those loops! Let us know how you liked it, and what color is it now?

When I was there in '95, it was white track, tan supports, and the interior of the loops was a hideous pepto bismal pink. I dunno what they were thinking, but it was and is still a great ride!

Previous to that I believe it was silver track and loops, with dark blue supports, during the '90 ACE coaster con. When it opened it was all white.

I also remember a real cool echo like creepy sound that travels through the supports - watch em sway! All ball and sockets, just like Mindbender. I think those were the only 2 built like that.

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