Eight bidders submit plans for Six Flags New Orleans site

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The long-stalled effort to redevelop the former Six Flags amusement park began moving again Monday as city officials began reviewing bids to transform the neglected tract in eastern New Orleans. After a call in April for proposals to redevelop the 150-acre site, eight entrepreneurs have stepped forward to suggest turning the property into everything from a power plant to an outlet mall.

Read more from The Times-Picayune.

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Let me know once they start building. Then I might start believe something is going to happen. :-)

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At the end of the article it said something about the city is considering auctioning off some of the "rides/equipment" so does that mean that their will be some moldy ride cars up for sale? (Jester, Zydeco Scream)Or, as I am assuming, that Six Flags got everything worthwhile out of there and the rest of the stuff is somewhat useless?

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I agree with a few people that posted messages on the story. The Power Plant would be the only viable option.

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^Except when another hurricane comes through and the levees break and it floods ;)

Or someone blames emissions from the plant for causing illness among the local population.

I was reading on another park site that a group wants to try to reopen the park as Jazzland again. This would include the park, a water park and a film studio. They want to hire The Gravity Group to come in and restore the MegaZeph with Timberliner trains and an onboard audio system with Better Than Ezra providing the music. Here is a link to the group's website.


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Music and wooden coasters do not mix. We "decided" that before SFMM thought it would be a grand idea on their GCII - and it failed there. Even "smooth" wooden coasters seem to be too much jarring for the delicate electronics...

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That doesn't exactly communicate "this is a serious bid."

Something about that page seemed familiar. I knew I heard that name before-- sure enough, it was right here.


Tonya Pope is/was the CFO of Southern Star Amusement, the last group who wanted to re-develop the site.

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