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Sunday, May 20, 2001 1:43 AM
I rate the atractions 1-10.

When I came there the park was just open.The atrctions just made there tests.We runned emidiatly to Het Sprookjesbos (fairytale forest).The new Fairy Raponsje wasn't finished yet.I made some photo's of the tower.Then my friend,my brother and I went to Villa Volta.

Villa Volta=
The first,biggest,best most beautifull Vekoma Madhouse ever build.I rate it 10!But for people who don''t speak dutch is it a little bit difficult to get the point of it.The story is told in Dutch by Hugo De Bokkenrijder from Brabant (a "state" in Holland).

Then we went to the Droomvlucht.We had to wait 10 minutes.the longest of that day.

Droomvlucht is=
An atraction where you sit in gondolas that are suspended underneath a Vekoma track.You "fly through some beautifull scenes!With ferrys,Gnooms,Elfs,Forest,Castels,Startunnel.
I rate it also a 10.

We runned to Vogel Rok and had to wait 5 minutes.
They used all 3 the trains.

Vogel Rok=
A indoor Vekoma coaster build in 1997 and themed after Sinbad the seaman.The're a total of 20 "Roks" (a rok is a mythic bird) in the building.You fly through 3 helixes and around 2 ilands with roks on it.IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THE LAY-OUT PICTURES OF IT MAIL AT:VEKOMA@EUROPE.COM.
It's the only not Disney coaster with speakers in the trains.
I rate it 8.

We went to Carnaval Festival and had a nice time around the world with the funny characters.

Carnaval Festival=
A ride next to Vogel Rok.You travel around the world and see things about other cultures.The music that is used on this ride was a number one hit in Holland!And still millions of people know that sound of the ride.
I rate it 8

We went to Monsieur Cannibale.

Monsieur cannibale=
The Tea Caup ride of De Efteling.It's themed after a hungry cannibale.
I rate it 7

We runned to pagode.

A Intamin tower that raises up 45 M in the sky.Two cilinders and a contra weight of 45 tons bring it up in the sky.A nice view of De Efteling.It's china temple themed
I rate it 7

we went to Het ruigrijk or Macholand.

There we visited d'oude tuffer baan,Python,Pegasus,Halve mean and Polka Marina.

A 20 year old classic Double loop corkscrew.It's bigger,faster,cooler and better then any other 4 looper.I rate it 7

A 10 year old junior woodie from Arrow and Intamin.It's just like the most Intamin woodies very shaky.When I was there on the 4th of May they had to get a train of the track because it was broke.My Friend,brother and I where one of the last people who rode De Pegasus in that train.
I rate it 7

Halve mean=
A Intamin super bounty.The biggst in the world.It's 20 M high reaches speeds up to 60 KPH and the top of the boat can be 30 m above the ground.I rate it 9.It's themed after a pirate boat.The station is in old Holland Style.

Polka Marina=
A spinning pirate boat ride.
It's also pirate themed.i rate it 7

D'oude tuffer baan=
A car ride.
I rate it 7

I discribe the rest of De Efteling rides below.We just runned from the one tho the other.

Fata morgana=
A east themed 15 year old indoor Intamin boat ride.Nice music.I rate it 9.

A inca themed Rapid Ride.I rate it 8.

De Swissbob=
An Inatmin bobsleigh with invidual cars for 6 persons!You really get the bob feeling when you make a curve with 75 KPH!It's Swiss themed.I rate it 8

A 24 year old haunted castle.If you sit still and relax....................The DANCE DE MACABRE starts..............You want to run away but you can't.............I rate it 7

the most of the Efteling rides are indoor.ALL the rides are themed!At 3 rides only the station is themed.Also ther's a cane ride,a row lake,and a steam stain transport.

When I made this review I was listning to Efteling music.If you want pictures:mail me at VEKOMA@EUROPE.COM.

Thuur Crompvoets
Sunday, May 20, 2001 4:45 PM
nice. well done. i've always wondered about this park.....


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