Efteling future expansion(s). 2020 / 2021

For 2020 the park will open a double juniorcoaster.

Doesn't that look familiar? Well, it uses parts of the current building which houses the Intamin Bob.

Over the last years the Bob proved to be a maintenance problem, it was closed for many months in 2018 but will be opened again from Thursday the 11th of October.

The new dualling coaster will be called Max & Moritz, themed after a German poem. Wikipedia . It will be a junior coaster specially for children in age 4 to 10, from 1 m length. It will be a powered coaster build by Mack rides.

For 2021 the park will expand on the "Reizenrijk", the part with Vogelrok. The expansion will go in the direction of the Eftelinghotel and will get one bigger ride and a few smaller ones.

It was rumoured to get a circus themed roller coaster, but maybe that was only in the mind of a fan.. or perhaps that plan had to change because of this mention on the closure of the Bob?

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