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I am the treasurer for the FBLA (Future Business Learders of America), and we go on a end of the year trip for like an overnight stay somewhere. But the chatch is that the school will only approve it if there is some kind of educational benifit. So i was wondering if any amusment parks aound me do something like a backstage tour or something like that to show the business side of things. I live in East Stroudsburg, PA which is right off of route 80 by the delaware water gap bridge. I was thinking mabye of busch gardens or something, but i would like someplace with hotels that we can get a deal at.
I would suggest contacting the park to see what could be offered.
When I was in FBLA, we went to Hershey. The educational part was that we went to Zoo America and the Hershey Museum (the highlight of that was sitting in a old Comet car while watching an old coaster video they had).

Unfortunately, we went in November which sucked because it was too early for Christmas Candylane and the park was closed. We did get to go to Choclate World and go on the dark ride though. *** Edited 11/9/2007 5:19:03 AM UTC by YoshiFan***

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