Ed Hart says it will cost more than expected to open Kentucky Kingdom

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It’s going to cost more than planned to get Kentucky Kingdom in shape, but developer Ed Hart said Monday he is confident the park will reopen as expected in 2014. A public hearing is scheduled Friday on state incentives and Hart expects financing to be in place within 60 days.

Read more from The Courier-Journal.

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Hart's apparently required to spend $1.5 million a year on upgrades. The greater expense to get it up and running initially only means a few less new flat rides in 2014....I hope he can make this park successful again.

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I admire his determination. Or is it utterly irrational obsession? Hard to tell at this point.

Either way...I admire it.

As bummed as I am when a park closes, I am just as happy when a park reopens or new parks come in to being, so this pleases me. I'm rooting for success!

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I thought it was 1 million a year.

Either way, Ed Hart said do not expect him to invest in only 1 million a year. Could this be a repeat of the 1990s??? (Without selling the park)

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