Ed Hart no longer a contender for Kentucky Kingdom, according to fair board

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The Kentucky State Fair Board announced Friday that it has ended all talks with Ed Hart about the businessman’s effort to reopen the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park. Harold Workman, fair board president, said in an interview that Hart is out of the picture as a potential Kentucky Kingdom operator.

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That park does not need $20 million to reopen. It was a Six Flags, not Chippewa Lake Park. That being said, what does Ed Hart need the $300,000 a year for? His pockets?

If the Crown Plaza owner want to cough up $20 million himself, he is better off hiring a bunch of us park managers and save some cash. That park could reopen minus the Twisted Sister rehab probably for $3-4 million, plus a marketing budget.

To me he seemed to know what he was doing, I just hope they find someone at least as capable as he was.

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