Ed Hart begins assessing state of Kentucky Kingdom

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The Ed Hart group has a top management staff in place that next week will begin to assess the condition of the long-abandoned Kentucky Kingdom amusement park at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Hart said Monday that he has hired eight senior managers who will begin examining the rides, buildings and equipment next Monday. The park last operated in fall 2009 and some facilities have fallen into disrepair.

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After being closed this long, I don't know if anyone really cares anymore. It loses it's appeal as a newly opened park, because it's not.

Maybe a name change will help.

Ed Hart is the best person to get the job done, though.

I see where they hired and ex CF person to be the GM, this ought to be interesting.....

I look forward to once again making the park a pit stop on the way to and from Holiwood Nights. Huh? They aren't going to open Greezed Lightnin'? Ok, so maybe it won't be a a pit stop for me...

Whatever they do, I'm glad to see the park is going to open again. It will be interesting to see what evolves.

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I can assess the condition of Kentucky Kingdom without needing a top management staff or even setting foot in the park.


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Is there actual confirmation that Greeze won't run again? If so that's a shame. But I'd go just for Thunder Run.

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Clint, I can't remember where I saw the sad news about the Anton, but I vaguely recall it was quoting someone very much involved in the park. I'd love to believe it was in error....

...but I'm fairly certain it's a done deal. ;~(

^I was sad to hear that a few times. Here is one source. Walibi Belgium is restoring it's Anton shuttle loop, Turbine, including using magnetic propulsion and a new train from Gerstlauer.

Greezed Lightnin' is about 5 years older than Turbine, and it's got to be in even worse condition after sitting care-free for so long. I would love if they changed their minds, or purchased a brand new one from Gerstlauer, but oh well. I grew up on that ride when it was Tidal Wave (the half from Illinois/Georgia anyway) and when I spent time at Kentucky Kingdom, most of it was on GL.

Is Greezed Lightnin' done for? Or just in too poor shape to get it going when the park opens?

Remember, there are three wood coasters in the park, two of which are in such poor condition that they didn't even run the last time the park was open. The shuttle loop is a complex, and relatively ancient machine. I could see lots of effort going into the waterpark expansion and restoration of the other rides, with the shuttle loop put off for a season or two. Also, there isn't much else on that side of the loop now, with the Mouse gone. I could see them moving the Pirat and just closing down that side, so Greezed Lightnin' could sit there without any real problem...

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Hart plans to keep both sides and he isn't too fond of the shuttle loop. Probably because there was little to no attendance jump when it was installed. (never mind the fact that it had a nearly non-existent campaign) Plus it's old, which he seems to not like, either... based on interviews and quotes from him.

Twisted Twins are two have 2 new trains purchased, but they won't open
until the following or the next following year... depending on their shape. They just may even pull them down... but again seeing his plan, he intends to keep them.

Unless plans have changed, it looks like the $1.5 million in new thrill rides will consist of a 135' Star Flyer and a Flying Scooter.

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Ed Hart just wants the Kingdom to be where is was before he left. Greezed Lighting was not apart of that equation. I would say this rides has about 2-3 months left of standing.

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