ECC Spain Trip reports

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I've been posting daily trip reports from the ECC Spain trip here:

One day to go, but all the parks are there now (we're doing another morning at Movie World on the way to the airport).



When I was in church the other day my teacher asked if we knew anyone that was so smart they were weird.
I stood up and Bowed.

Great reports from great parks.

I just love Tibidabo, its so unique!

May I point out a little mistake?!: The montana russa at Tibidabo is no Schwarzkopf model. Its a spanish product.

While I type this, you are probably spinning on some wild coasters. I wonder that Superman didnĀ“t do it for you like most other people say. I think it has the best features, apart from Krypton Coaster, for a floorless. The airtime hill, the helices and the unique designed zero-g make it a very good ride imo.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

i was a teenage rollercoaster designer

Great trip reports! If the next ACE international trip isn't to Spain, I'm definitely going to be heading there myself in the next couple years.

G's! They're what's for dinner!

Regarding that mistake, are you sure? I lifted the manufacturer out of the trip booklet (which might well be wrong...)



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