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It's not really abusing the quote feature since you didn't quote the entire post, and were quoting a section from a post 7 posts prior. Yeah, Jeff said preferably not within the last 10 posts, but 7 is close enough ;).

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Okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, Bill, but I do think you are misunderstanding what abusing the quote feature means. I didn't even realize that everything in italics in your post was a quote, and for a second, I even thought that you were just plagiarizing something I read earlier in the thread.

Interesting that Knoebels has been trying to buy the Golden Nugget for the better part of a decade. Morey's really was trying to figure out something to do with it.

I have to give Knoebels some props here though, they appear to really be keeping the character of the ride, most other parks would order some 3d and black light crap from a catalog

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Dick also talked about the long process it was to acquire the ride from Morey's. He had been trying to get it from them ever since it closed. He said he always felt, "the Golden Nugget is the greatest family ride since sliced bread." Finally once Morey's decided to demolish it, they were able to make a deal.

Dude I know who works for Morey's confirms this. He said that in 1999 they got the Nugget running so that Dick Knoebel could take it for a few rides and gauge his interest. Morey's also had it listed for 100K with a few amusement brokers, or whatever you call them. It probably took this long to haggle down the price LOL>

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