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Tuesday, August 28, 2001 4:49 PM
I had one of the best times of 2001. I have been working at Valleyfair for 9years each month I take at least a one week of to visit some of my favorite parks on the eastcoast. I drive up to 18 hours over 3,000 miles to enjoy some of the best rollercoasters. I just came back late Saturday, August 25th around 1:30am.

Dorney Park

I realy enjoyed Dorney Park. This is one of the of my favoirtes. Everything was pretty much a walk on at least 15minute wait for the coasters. I loved Talon Grip OF Fear is one of the best inverteds the front row is the best! Steel Forces is a must ride if you go to Dorney, doesnt get any better than that. The prices at Dorney were pretty reasonable crowds wernt to bad. I realy had a good time at Dorney hope to make it out in 2002.

Hershey Park

I loved Hershey very nice clean park even looks better at night. They have a good quality of coaster selections. If you get a chance ride Great Bear it looks very nice during the sun set. Lightning Racer I found to be one of the best smoothest coasters but I'm not going to tell you which one wins you will have to find out! And Hershey is doing it again they are adding a splashdown water coaster you will get wet, you can bet I will be back in 2002 Hershey is a must stop if you get a chance.

Kennywood Park

I like the old tradition very nice park. Phantoms Revenge is a must lots of air I have never experinced going down into a cliff before which almost scared me the only thing I found was a little dissapointing was one train of operation I almost waited close to two hours but well worth a wait. Next to Thunderbolt this is a must ride if you enjoy woodies first drop out of the station was great, I realy enjoyed the Thunderbolt was very fun also the samething with Jack Rabbit one of the older coasters at Kennywood. I will be back in 2002!

Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure

Now this is a must stop if you are in between Cedar Point area. I found this to be the best of all the parks I stopped at. The lines werent to bad, though I did find it kind of busy during a week day. I loved the scenery plus the lake in the center. Favorite coasters there were: Batman Knight Flight, X-Flight, Raging Wolf Bobs, The Villian and Superman. Batman Knight Flight is the king of all B&M floorless coasters has one of the greatest drops nice large looping hill along with a cobra roll, very smooth ride never lets up I also only waited close to 15minutes at the most. Next was X-Flight, Can you belive I drove all the way from Minnesota to ride it. I realy ejnoyed X-Flight a different experince I had going up a lift height on your back and flipping downwards I got so confused during the whole ride very intense. The lines were close to 2 1/2 hour wait very slow moving lines plus they only had two trains running. I do think the fastpass line works at some parks & coasters next time I will do the fastpass line to see the difference. I realy enjoyed Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure, Sea World and the new Batman show I will be back in 2002!

I will be going to Cedar Point on the 2nd to the last weekend in October. I hope to ride the new invertigo.

These are my 2002 plans

Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Adventure, Six Flags New England, Six Flags over Georgia, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a must, Paramounts Kings Dominion & Carowinds and Silver Dollar City. Cant wait till 2002 will e even better I'm planning to take at least two weeks off to enjoy some of the best parks.


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