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Friday, August 20, 2004 10:45 PM
crazy horse's avatar Ok, I am not very good at writing trip reports so I will go park by park and list the good and bad for each park........here we go.


A very nice little park with some great coasters and great food. I really enjoyed the twister.

this park gets 4 out of 5 stars

(1 star+ bad......5 stars=great)


Dorney park,

Nothing much has changed at this park from the last time I had visited there in 2001.

It is a good park with some good rides and fast staff, but I cant understand why they only ran 1 train on thunderhawk with a 30 min wait. All in all a good park, but the park seems to be missing something I just cant put my finger on.

3 1/2 stars


Six flags new jersey

A great park with some great rides and shows.

The only complaints I have about this park is the staff and the outragis parking fee.

The staff was horrible(with the exception of the chiller and nitro crews) it took nearly 8 min to load and send out a train on gasm. The crew was too buisy talking on the phone and wrestling(sp) on the platform.

What is up with the $10 parking fee? and if that was not a big enough slap in the face, they want an additinal $5 to park near the gate.

Anether thing about six flags that I just dont understand is this....why is it that there is always a handfull of rides down?

This park has one of the best steel coasters I have ever been on......nitro.

4 stars


six flags america(balt/wash)

I started off really enjoying this park till I got to the back half of this park>It looked like a field with a few rides scatterd about.

The ride crews were very fast and friendly, and the shows were great.

Superman was in bad shape, the trains looked all beat up and damaged.

2 stars


Kings dominium,

An all out great park with some great coasters,

Fast working staff, great shows and simple layout. And a very clean park as well.

Volcano was a blast, and I also really enjoyed grizzly and avalanch.

Hypersonic was a bit of a dissipointment, I dont know if it was that I have been on ttd too many times or if it was because I thought it was a very bumby ride.

4 1/2 stars


Busch gardens

A great park with some great scenery and shows. I really enjoyed there coasters....they were smooth and had some great storylines behind them.

I enjoyed the food at the fest house.

The only complaint I have about this park is that for some reason they open up the park in sections. WHY?

4 1/2 stars


Hershey park,

Some really good coasters and frendly staff, but the most confusing layout and map ever created for a theme park.

Storm runner was great, but too short, lightning racer and wildcat rank up in my top 5 wooden coasters.

Anybody who likes chocolate, I highly recomend going on the tour of chocolate world.

We stayed at the hershey highmeadow campgroud and recived discount park tix by doing so. But the free transportation that they provide gets two thumbs down.

4 stars


Kennywood park

This is the second time that I have been to this park, and this is the second time the park closed early due to a rain storm.

I did manage to take in a few rides before the storm, and really like the coasters here.

The new garfield ride in my opinnion was horrible. The storyline was weak and the props were nothing but wood cutouts with neon paint on them. I say "bring back the old mill".

The ride staff were great, and the food was very good and well priced(the best priced park food of all the parks I have been to).

4 stars


Sorry if this report is confusing but Like I said,I am not very good at these kind of things.


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