East Coast Coaster Madness 2002 - 10/6/02 (Long)

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Sometime in August, I was propositioned by our very own Davie the Luv Monkey with a trip to Dorney. Date: 10/6/02. the day after PPP. Now I’m not one to turn down a day of coasting, so naturally, I was in.

10/4/02 – Friday, a day of infamy. Rain. I lock the brakes in my car and slide into the rear of a ’99 mercury cougar. Not exactly how I wanted to start the weekend (fortunately, no one was hurt except my car). I had lost all the antifreeze on top of the body damage (slightly bent frame, dented fender and hood, broken grille/headlight, the works) Anyway, I spent all day Friday and half of Saturday reassembling it to keep the trip a-go. I am successful (to a degree), but good enough to rack up 300 miles on the car that Sunday.

Sunday. Davie and I, donning our Walley World Park Security shirts (see info pic) hit the road at the atrociously early hour of 7.30. We arrive to a parking lot with, count ‘em, 6 other cars in sight. We are soon joined by Amy, who had made the trek out from Long Island. Kara (ST chick) out for PPP, calls us to let us know they’re on their way. So with at least an hour to kill, with walk-ons as far as the eye can see, we proceed to ride everything at the park. With the exception of Lil Laser (wouldn’t let us…grr), that is. Around noon the rest of the crew arrives. We are soon introduced all around (for those of us who didn’t know anybody, like me, who’d never actually met in person) and are tossing Kara her present from Jersey (again, check the info pic).By 2 PM we’ve ridden everything again, and have decided to call it a day…or not. We decide to head out to another park, none other than SFGAdv. Davie, Kara, and I pile into my old VW and head out, with Corey (rollocoast) taking the rest. By 4 we’re in the park, I’ve validated my 2003 season pass, and we spend the rest of the day riding. Nitro: 4 laps for me (5 for Dave and Kara), and here’s the amazing part…WALK-ONs for Chiller…Both sides! I’m sorry, that’s never happened to me before. But alas, ‘twas getting late, and by now it’s around 7, and I’m operating on 4.5 hours sleep. So Davie and I end possibly the best weekend of my life so far by heading to the gates. The three of us say our goodbyes, and we head off for home. Truly an incredible day. Good rides, good friends, good weather, and no crowds. What more can an enthusiast want?

Corey – Thanks for pushing for 2 parks in one day, and for getting everyone out here.
Landan – Nitro RIDE OP OF THE YEAR…that’s for trying to find Dave’s No. Carolina cap when he lost it, and for all the 3-click rides you let us get away with over the season.

Dave – For talking me into the whole thing, And for getting me hooked on coasters.

Kara – Words can’t describe. You’re just awesome.

Everyone else, Amy, Dave Johnson, Matt, Kurt, anyone else I forgot…:)! Great to meet you all, and we’ll probably meet again.

Stay tuned for next season’s report of SFGAdv’s opening day, and Midwest Coaster Madness 2003! (Hopefully)

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Well played, Johnny...my take on things soon to come! :)

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