EA's Theme park for nintendo DS

Just read an article about the game theme park is coming out for the DS system, the article has 10 images also.


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I'm not too familiar with the "Theme Park" games. Do they have a coaster designer tool, or is everything pretty much prefab, and you just choose a pre-existing design to drop on your park?

From the description and screen shots, it seems to skew much more on the strategy side of things.


The Theme Park game I remember was available on the 3DO system. It was a sandbox game- basically place some rides in an open field and connect them with paths. Some rides were standard, others (like the roller coaster) were "build your own". You could ride the roller coaster but it was basically a computer-rendered POV thing- regardless of how you designed the coaster, the animation was the same. I'm thinking that the new version would include many improvements over the original since it is pretty lackluster in the shadow of games like RCT.
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There is a lot of potential for a game like this to work on the ds. My sister used to play this for some system and she was pretty hooked on it.

I remember being hooked on the game long ago when it first came out for playstation. It was a good game for its time looking back on it, the game was obviously cheesey. I always found it amusing when the rides would break down and how that would shake and pour smoke. Like the bounce castle for example i think the peeps would bounce right off the ride itself as it continued to shake violently.

If i remember correctly to for the playstation verson "bovine" was the cheat to enter in the begining of the game to acess everything while playing.

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This is not like the Playstation version. this is like the original PC game Theme Park. It's been more than ten years since I've played that game. I still have it somewhere but computer processors move way to fast for the game to keep up with now. It's very much just a SIM game. You can design your own Coasters, Flumes and stuff like that but, as mentioned before, when viewing the "on-ride", it's always the same layout repeated over and over. This would be a fun SIM to play on a plane or something. I just hope they've made some changes because I recall it taking many months to get pricing down in order to make a profit. The monetary values were very odd. And, after a few years, the rides would just keep breaking down until your were prompted to replace them. *** Edited 12/8/2006 5:38:39 PM UTC by RollerCoastin!!!!***

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