Earth Quest Adventures Theme Park Resort & Dinosaur Museum - Comming to Houston

Okay, here is a synopsis in my own words of what the links listed below will tell you.

All information gathered here came from The East Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (link below) and is in the public domain. (But still written in my own words.)

Earth Quest Adventures:

Will be a dinosaur themed Disney quality resort 30 miles north of Houston in New Caney, Texas.

The resort seems to be a reality after Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed in to law legislation for tax incentives to secure the project to East Montgomery County.

The $1.5 billion earth friendly (Green) resort is being developed by Marlin Atlantis and “Dino” Don Lessum (Paleontologist and film adviser for the Jurassic Park films) and will sit on 500 acres of densely wooded pine forest and consist of the following: (also see map links below)

Themed Thrill Park (Opening Summer 2012)

Dinosaur Museum This 250,000 square foot complex will sit on 50 acres, and house the worlds largest collection of complete dinosaurs and dinosaur bones. In addition it will also house a working research lab for science and education.

Water Parks (Opening 2012)

On site themed 300 room hotel and Spa

15 other hotels will surround the Park

Themed Camping resort

Retail Shops

And much more…


“Dino” Don Lessem website

East Montgomery Chamber of Commerce

Map Links

Hope this is okay.


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Sounds like Jurassic Park come to life! Next thing we know it'll be T-Rex, triceratops, and velociraptors taking over Texas. Shame we couldn't get them to eat Bush.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Interesting - one of the "Sky" area attractions mentioned Dueling Coasters - hmmm...Dueling Dragons Part II anyone? Or could it be the new home of Batman & Robin: Chiller? ;)

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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The map certianly looks like one of the blue buildings houses 2 coasters. Looks like parallel lift hills and some dueling interacrions between the layouts, including a DD-esque vertical loop duel. Obviously this is way early in the project to draw conclusions, but I'd say a B&M dueling inverted or maybe flyer is a high possibility. *** Edited 7/6/2008 2:52:18 PM UTC by Soggy***

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

Stopped by the site today. All the For Sale signs that were there, have been painted over and are just blank white signs I found an open gate off the feeder road of Hwy59 (A dirt trail). I figured since I drive a Hummer and the gate was open and the trail was saying "Psst, Dave, Explore me!) well then by god I had to explore it (Please see article 6 of the Man Code):)

Let me tell you, That pine forest is thick and if they do this right it will be one beautiful
park. I could only get back about 3/10s of a mile before the trail ended, but what i saw is one really choice spot for a theme park.

I will try to stop by the EMC Chamber of Commerce tomorrow and take some better pics of the maps that are posted there. The ones on-line are blurry an very hard to read.

Any question or requests you guys want me to ask while i'm there post em' and ill ask.

That layout isn't just Dueling Dragons-esque; it's Dueling Dragons, proper.


Not to be a Dolt,


What is Dueling Dragons?

Any Links?


Go to this website and type in "dueling dragons" to get more info.

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I can has signature?

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"Dueling Dragons" - one of B&M's finest inverts, short of stature but long on ride quality, wrapped inside and around the only 4-across Vekoma invert... ;)

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