Early Birthday Celebration: Cedar Point

Sunday, August 8, 2010 4:34 PM

Yesterday, August 7, my friends organized a trip for my father and I toCedar Point. It was to celebrate his birthday which is the 14, and minewhich is the 27th. The bad part was we had to pay for our ticket, thegreat news, we were at Cedar Point, with union coupons and $26 bucktickets.

Left my house around 7:00am to pick up a friend from Lorain, andarrived at the park around 8:45am. We walked around on the beach for abit, bought our tickets, and checked out hotel breakers.

At 10:00am, we entered into Resort gate and headed for Magnum.

I didn't know if they were late testing the ride, or if it was brokedown, but when the park opened up at 10, there was a train stuck nearthe top of the lift. We got in line anyhow, and waited for it to start.Ended up meeting one of the Single Rider guys, he was wearing a brightorange t-shirt, which read "Single Rider 2", his name is Chris, andhe's a pretty cool guy. It was roughly a 10 min/2 train wait for theback train. We had a group of 5, but one person was a chicken so we hadpairs. 9.8/10 (trimmed ride on first of the day...)

Next we headed over toward Gemini, but hit up Monster first. Was good ride for not riding it in years.

Once again we had pairs in our group, and surprisinglythey were racing the train. Seems they knew of the crowd which was tocome. We ended up splitting up so my dad and I rode Red Train, and theother two rode Blue. We loaded into the train, but had to wait becausethe Red Train was stopped on the lift, thanks to someone who does notknow how to put their camera away or follow instructions. Waited about10 minutes in the station before they set both trains into motion, soat least we were still able to race. 9.5/10

We headed toward the back of the park, to check out Shoot The Rapids.Last time I was at the park, was the day before STR opened, and Ididn't have a chance to ride.

Shoot The Rapids
Walk on waiting time, my dad and friend werethe lucky/unlucky front row riders, who got all the water onsplashdowns. My buddy Mike and I rode in the second seat. I believe thesaying that this is just "White Water Landing on steroids" proved to betrue. Although I like this ride more than I did WWL. Only complaint Ihad was that it is rough going from the water to the lift hill. 9.8/10

Ended up going on the very front of STR the second time through, muchbetter as far as water goes, but a little bit rougher on the transition.

Thunder Canyon was next, and everyone in our group except my dad rode.We were going to head to Cedar Creek Mine Ride, but it was broken down.Ended up riding Skyhawk instead, then heading toward Maverick to checkthe line. Since it was getting close to lunch, we headed out to thecar, to enjoy the packed PB&J sandwiches and trail mix.

After lunch, the group split up, my buddy Josh and Sabrina went theirown way, with an hour and 45 minute/two train operation of my dad went, so for a good while it was just my buddy Mike and I.

We hit up the dodgems, which was fun, but a pretty heafty 1/2 hourwait. We walked toward the Staduim, and were able to catch the 3pmshowing of All Wheels Extreme. All I can say is that show is one of thebest investments the park has made, it doesn't matter if you are youngor old, the show is enjoyable. They even brought in and old schoolflatland bxm guy.

Moving on, we decided to take a gander at Disaster Transports wait, anhour and a half. Which should have been indicated by the at least 1/2hour wait at MaXair. Checked out the Rockband Live area, but did notsee the show. Looked at the empty space where Demon Drop once stood,shed a few tears, and moved on.

Also checked out that cool new fountain, which is probably anothergreat feature. It was pretty humid yesterday so it was nice to stick myhead into the water and cool down. Hung out at Donut Time for a bit,updating facebook and the like . Around 4:15 we met up with my buddy Lance, and since my phone was dead, I borrowed his to get ahold of my dad.

Rode the Skyride and went back towards and Magnum. Corkscrew was a 45 minute wait, and we skipped that. Rodethe Super Himalaya which is where my father met up with us.

Went for a ride with Lance on Magnum.

Magnum-Mid Day Run
Running warm this coaster is a BEAST! Theonly bad part was the trim brakes right before you go into the pretzel.Otherwise I had NO complaints about this ride. Amazing as usual. 9.8/10

Headed toward the back of the park, to meet up with the others and catch a ride on Maverick.

Still about an hour and a half wait, but we were ready. The "old" crewwas pretty much back together and ready for a ride. Mike ended up beingtoo impatient to wait for us, and rode on the gold train by himself.Hope he had fun riding on the bumpy/slow train. My dad, Lance, and Irode the Grey (Brent) train, and man was Maverick flying. The firsthill STILL gets me to this day, the airtime was outta this world, andthe launch outta the tunnel, felt like my heart stopped. 10/10

Went over to meet up with the other two by STR. Tried getting yetanother ride on STR, but the train was stuck on the lift hill. Itseemed to be just another Intamin ride issue, so Mike and I went onThunder Canyon again to cool off. When we came back to the groupsitting by STR, the train was approaching the second lift hill and gotstuck again. Some people were being carted away in handcuffs and wheneveryone was off the ride/out of the queing area, matainence came andremoved one of the trains from the ride. I don't know if those peoplewho were arrested had anything to do with it or not, but there wasdefinitely a train being removed.

Headed to see about a Millennium Force ride, but it was an hour and 45minute wait, and we decided it would not be worth it.Since it wasgetting later, we decided to head back to the car again, and changeclothes. We were gonna grab a ride on Cedar Creek Mine Ride, but justas we were about to enter the line, the queing gates were closed, theride was broke (again). Changed our clothes, checked out the MillenniumWait, which was still over and hour and went toward the front of thepark again. Hit up the Calypso, and Blue Streak.

Blue Streak
One Train wait, and pitch black outside. The only lights showing thetrack were the running lights alongside of the track. Not as bumpy as Iremember, and still massive amounts of airtime. For an old woodencoaster, this one is still pretty awesome. 10/10

Next we decided to hit up Disaster Transport (if the line wasn't long).

Disaster Transport
Less than a 10 minute wait, and standing in air. This is still one ofmy favorites, no matter how many people bash it. There is a fairlydecent amount of themeing and it is just a fun coaster in general.Although I still would have loved to see it in it's hayday as AvalancheRun. 10/10

Since it was getting close to park close, we bolted toward Magnum, so we could get the "last train of the night."

Rode it once with a pretty full train, and it was pretty awesome,except it was still trimmed. But the very last ride of the night, Irode with Lance in "our" seats, and it was trimless. My dad, Josh andMike had seats to themselves, and Mike decided to ride in the "ejector"seat. He was in a lot of pain after that. 10/10

Overall it was a great day at the park and only managed to spend $2.82for a souvenier kids cup, and another $2.82 for a NASTY iced coffee.I'll give this trip a 99/100.

Sunday, August 8, 2010 4:52 PM

Also checked out that cool new fountain, which is probably anothergreat feature. It was pretty humid yesterday so it was nice to stick myhead into the water and cool down..

I don't get to CP but once every 2-3 years, but I was there at the end of June and it was very hot. Where and what is this fountain of which you speak?

Happy Birthday in advance, and to your dad.

No Dragster?

Sunday, August 8, 2010 10:21 PM

The fountain was added last year. It's right in the Main Midway, near the entrance for Raptor. It's basically interactive fountains. Nothing spectacular, but it's nice on hot days.

Monday, August 9, 2010 5:18 AM

D_vo said:
The fountain was added last year. It's right in the Main Midway, near the entrance for Raptor. It's basically interactive fountains. Nothing spectacular, but it's nice on hot days.

Oh, OK. I did use it. Didn't realize it was new.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 3:23 PM

Seems quite packed Ellen, it was the same way about two weeks ago when Kyle and I went. Glad to see you had fun. BTW, shoot the rapids is actually better than i expected as well.

Had i not had a bachelor party to go to i probably would have went, but this year is crazy for weddings with like 4 friends and family members getting married so, its been tougher to get to parks this year than i would have wanted.

Also no Millennium or Dragster rides, but i can see why. I mean when the last time i went on Dragster the lines were reminescent of 2003 when it opened and stupid me i waited. Millennium surprisingly gave a ride with a huge pop of air on that last hill by the station last time, although i believe this doesnt happen often.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 8:53 PM

I know on Milliennium I don't get that huge pop of air at Halloween time or on opening weekends. But, then again it is cooler then and I don't get a chance to go to the park in the summer when it is 90.


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