i have hotmail and i guess i cant order it with a credit card. what is the reason for this and what kind of email do i need.




i need this game now!!!!!!!

I suspect that the reason is that a 'free' email like Hotmail is harder to find the owner of, or something like that. You need an email address that is not free. Seeing how you are able to post here, don't you have an email address from your ISP? Like AOL or EarthLink or whoever. You should.


...hopefully i'm not all wrong here...

thanks for your help!!!



out searching for a better kind of email so i can download this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im young (13) and having trouble. does road runner e-mail work? what other things could i use? thanks!



i need this game bad

Yes, blah @ yourarea . rr . com should work.
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