Dutch Wonderland on a July Saturday?


I am working on a plan to take my little guy to Dutch Wonderland this summer. I just did a search on the forums, and came up empty for Dutch Wonderland. Can anyone please share with me how Dutch Wonderland is on a typical Saturday in the summer, or more precisely in July? Is the waiting time for rides much more improved on a weekday over a weekend day?

Thank you in advance!

The only rides that typically get lines are the log flume, wet dry slides, boats in the back of the park and antique cars. That could have changed since it has been a while since I have been there but in all my visits to the park, I never saw really long lines. I would think a weekday is better also because the lot will be less full and it can be a long walk from the end of the lot.

Sky Princess only has 1 train but I guess because it is the most intense ride there, not everyone tired to ride it and I have never waited more than 2 to 3 trains

Saturdays are jammin at DW. Its a tourist park on weekends, with plenty of New Yorkers and other city folk in for the weekend.

As covered above, they have turnpike cars, the CCI woodie, an Arrow Flume, a Yo-Yo, a pair of Whitewater slides, good old bumper cars, 2 boat rides, a skyride, a trabant, a sky slide,and a good monorail. You can sit in the front like Homer Simpson.

The food court gets crushed between 1130 and 230, so eat late, or opt for the a/c Castle Cafe just inside the park to the left.

Yes, I managed there for a year. Quite a busy park on weekends.

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