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Friday, June 22, 2001 6:41 AM
I originally planned to go to PKD and SFA for the day, but staying up too late put an end to that idea. I opted for the 2 hour drive to Dutch Wonderland instead.

I arrived at the park around 3pm. I had a discount copuon for $3.00 off from a Turkey Hill convienance store so I got in for $21.00. I thought even with the discount it was a bit overpriced.

Mt first ride was on the Sky Princess (the very first Custom Coaster). Even though it's just a juinor wood it still delivers a good ride. Off the top of the lift she drops about 10 feet or so and makes a quick banked turn to the right then drops about 30 feet to the ground. Climbs the next hill then makes a slight turn to the right then drops. The next element is the fan turn. The fan turn is fairly vicous for it's size rivaling that of Grizzly's at PKD. Nows the quick tunnel and a few bunny hops giving a few pops of air. The next turn wraps around the outside of the first drop turn. This turn was baiscly flat and quick resembling the Phoenix's turn after the double down section. The Sky Princess isn't over yet you hit two more bunny hops and enter the helix finalie. The helix is like the one on Wild One at SFA. For a little coaster it delivers great. Even though it's a juinor it still has full size trains and fixed lap bars. I didn't wait more than 3 circuits for it all day, and if noone was in your line you could stay on.

Right next to the Sky Pricess was Joust "family coaster". One more for the coaster count.

I heard from several people that the bumper cars at Dutch Wonderland were Lusse cars like the ones at Knoebels. At first when I got to the queue I was a bit dissapointed. I thought the cars would look like the 50's syle cars at Knoebels these resembled Model T's. With looking at the cars closer I say the Lusse emblem. Thes are better than average bumper cars they hit harder than most. The floor is kept super slick so when you car is going full speed and you try to make a sharp turn you spin out. Still good bumper cars although nowhere near as good as the ones at Knoebels.

I walked near the enterance to the park again and saw an old rocket simulator. I'm guessing this was from the mid 60's or early 70's. You climb into the rocket and sit in the seats. As the movie shows the rocket tilts back then rolls from the left to the right. Not very exciting compared to the new style simulator next to it.

By now I was hungry so I made a pit stop at the pavillion behind Joust. I had a Barbacue beef sandwich, cole slaw, and potato salad for $6.00. The Barbecue and cole slaw were good but the potato salad was foul.

After roaming the park hitting rides here and there I noticed the Spinning House. I think this one might have beed made by the park many years ago. Anyway you enter the house sit in the seats and the walls, floor, and ceiling rotate around you givine the effect that you are filpping end over end in the house.

After roaming thru the park I took a stroll thru their botanical garden. It's a nice break from the rest of the park no kids running around, just nice and peacefull.

After a marathon riding session on the Sky Princess I hit the gift shop bought a magnet and a pin and drove home.

In all Dutch Wonderland is a nice little park althogh geared for kids up to about 12 or 13.They don't have any major thrill rides for adults except the Sky Princess and Bumper Cars. There's also a diving show and I believe a stage in the center of the park. No lines were long although I went on a Thursday I have a feeling it can get pretty busy on weekends. It was clean and had many trees. The only thing I can say bad about this place is the admission fee is a bit steep for the selection of rides.

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Monday, June 25, 2001 4:08 AM
Plans here call for a visit to DWonderland on Friday the 29th, with the same battle plan for the coasters... Joust just for the record, and a few re-rides on the Princess. Good to hear that you don't need to acompany a littleone on Joust to ride. Our neice who we are taking there is just at little short to make the height requirement.

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