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Wednesday, March 12, 2003 7:28 PM
Had flown up from Sydney the day before and got settled in Brisbane, staying for 3 night so could do two of the main theme parks on the gold coast. Got up early and drove the 40 mins to Dreamworld, i have been 4 times to this park in the last 3 years, so i know it pretty well.

Weather was sunny which is always a good thing and as the Tower of Terror (superman the escape at sfmm brother) does not work in the rain it turned out that this was a good day to be at the park as tomorrow turned out to be very wet, but i am getting ahead of myself.

As always I was at the park before opening, but i should not have worried about q's, as school holidays were over and the park was really quiet. For those of you who have not been Down under, all the parks are open every day of the year, so if you can go to them out of holiday season, queues are small.

Went straight over to Tower of Terror for the first coaster of the day (yes i do consider this a coaster, it is on track and has wheels) Due to the construction of the new kiddie zone (Nickelodeon central) the entrence to TOT had swapped sides, which caused a bit of confusion.

Tower of Terror :-I do love this ride, well any launched ride in fact. It is a great way to blow away those morning cobwebs and get the heart going. The ride was a maximum of 5 mins wait all day and i got 3 rides. I am looking forward to ride TTD and X-elerator in sep this year on my american trip, but until then i am very happy with this launch and ride. Yes people have said the launch is showing it's age but it is still a blast. 8/10

Cyclone An Arrow looper. This was the Big dipper coaster in sydney which i have ridden before and enjoyed. I still enjoy this coaster but now it is just a car park coaster, unlike where it was in Sydney overlooking the harbour bridge and winding its way around other rides. It is smooth for an Arrow and the sidewinder and loop are still fun. It was certainly $3 million well spent (bloody cheap for a coaster which was virtually brand new) and has done the park a lot of good. It does however show how old and crappy Thunderbolt (the parks other big coaster) is. The back of the coaster is the best ride. 4 rides 7/10

Thunderbolt A very old Meiso ( i think) double looper. For all you americans over there who complain about roughness of Slc's and Psyclone should ride this beast. It is now the worst coaster i have ever ridden. It is horrible. The drop and Loops are ok, but from then on it just screeches around the track while violently throwing your poor head around. Yuck. I have heard that it will go in 2 years and make room for the parks next big investement. It has to as at the moment it is an embaresment especially as people now can compare it to the new Cyclone, which is fairly smooth. ( An arrow getting positively compared for roughness, now that is a first) 1 ride. No seat is good 3/10

Minetrain An inclosed mouse, themed as a minetrain. I actually love this ride, no trim brakes and is a lot of fun, if you get in the mood and throw yourself around the car and squash your friend on the other side!!! This is really smooth and fast, i really love it. 7/10

Runaway Reptar The new familly coaster built 3 months ago, is a Vekoma suspended, the same that is in the American Nic centrals. I was not sure adults were allowed on, but we were, and i was pleasently suprised with this ride. As soon as we went down the first drop, i thought this is too fast for kids, but they seemed to love it. A fun little ride, with a good couple of drops and helixes. A great family coaster, that was smooth ( for a vekoma). A good addition for the park. 6/10

Thats all the coasters, but amongst the other rides that are there are:- Wipeout a fun wierd sort of Topspin, a log flume, river rapids, a water park with slides etc. and of couse the Giant drop, the tallest freefall in the world, which is cleverly on the same structure as TOT.

Dreamworld, in my opinion is the best park in Australia, Mcquarie bank, which owns the park has just finished its 5 year investment plan, and has done a great job. They have built what was the tallest and fastest ride, the tallest drop ride, another coaster, and they have just finished the Kiddie land, which is really well done. The park is looking great, very clean and well signposted, the staff were pleasent and the rides excellent.....except Thunderbolt. Get rid of this and replace with a floorless or a flyer in its place and this park will be totally complete.

Anyway i had a great day, and i look forward to coming back nex year, even though there will be nothing new.

The next day i went to Warner Bros. Movie World, and it rained, and rained..... I will be writing that Trip report tomorrow so i hope you can read that one as well.

Cheers have a good one.


Thursday, March 13, 2003 6:06 AM

Thanks for writing! Always nice to hear about parks that I'll probably never get to visit. Looking forward to your next report.
SRM 2003-Look for the guy with my name on his chest
Wednesday, July 16, 2003 3:55 AM
IMO, Thunderbolt is quite a decent ride besides the roughness. Yes, it screeches all the time and bangs your head, but this design was made by Meisho. Just confirming you on that ;) . The only reason it is rough and squeaky and noisy, etc, is because Meisho wanted this design to interpretate a wooden coaster. That is the only reason why you guys hate it. I don't know why they built a steel coaster to be like a woodie but trust me, that company is dumb.

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