DreamVision park for Alabama has "funding in place," but company won't say where

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DreamVision Co. officials promise the money is there. They’re just not saying from where. Bryan Robinson, a Shoals resident and CEO of Provident Global Capital, declared during a Wednesday news conference that DreamVision Co. has secured $3.5 billion to build an amusement park in the Shoals.

Read more from Times Daily.

I did not watch this press announcement. However, another article I read said that, like Ft Worth, they had picked a location but had not announced it yet. Also according to that article, they picked the location but it sounded like they actually hadn't purchased any land yet. There was a quote from Robinson along the lines of a "we picked one and have two backups just in case" type of thing. That's not a surprise to people who have followed along.

Unlike Ft. Worth, there is some question about another one of their "partners". They mentioned the Thomas Kinkade Company in Ft Worth and actually had their CEO there. In Alabama, they mentioned moving the Alabama Music Hall of Fame to the park. I'm not sure if anyone supposedly representing the Hall was at the announcement, but the article quoted a state tourism official as saying there had been "zero communication" between the park and the Hall.

Even if these parks never see the light of day, they've provided me with some entertainment the last few weeks. :)

If I were more clever, something funny would be here.

This reeks of an investment scam to me. Planning TWO $3.5 billion parks when the most profit you've ever seen in a year is $390,000? And the financial company backing you was apparently created out of thin air within the last year? Investors better stay far, far away from this.

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If you can't name a real bank, you probably don't have anything solid in place.

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I think I'm going to by the Empire State building. I have financing in place. I can't say from where, but I have the financing. Really. Seriously.

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My inside source at DreamVision -- and I was as surprised as anyone to learn they had a Lemon Chill Guy on staff -- tells me they're getting backing from the Gotham City Bank & Trust and the Ferenginar Commerce Authority.

And Lemon Chilll guys are always right.

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This is stuff is so damn funny.

As we have all said already:

1) Nobody has $3.5 Billion lined up to build this nonsense in Northern Alabama. There's no critical mass of potential visitors, and more importantly, no critical mass of workers that would be needed for such an endeavour.

2) That kind of money represents something on the scale of the combined Disneyland resort, or the Universal complex in Orlando (let's not quibble over exact dollars, but that number is approximately 7X the amount for Hard Rock Park). Doesn't matter if it's split between park, hotels, golf course, and indoor ski mountains, it's still economically unfeasible.

3) If you were going to build something huge in Texas, you'd pick Houston's underserved market as opposed to Dallas, regardless of whether it's a theme park or whatever, and irrespective of where your company headquarters might be.

4) While I'm sure that IF this were real there would be NDAs aplenty, the fact that none of the usual suspects are linked to this (Goddard, Thinkwell, et al) and that the presentations so far look like they weren't done by anyone in the industry makes this all the more silly.

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Maybe it's the same investor who bought the Big Dipper.

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I saw the phrases "funding in place" and "won't say where" - was instantly reminded of my wealthy Nigerian uncle who recently passed away...

Imagine how this guy would do on Shark Tank?
"and for those reasons... I'm out."

So, word is that Ron Logan is CCO of this company. Not that it lends any credence to this nutty pitch for me, but I find that very interesting. More precisely, I'm wondering how he got suckered into the gig.

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Also, the trademark for DreamVision Mountain evidently expired in May of last year and hasn't been picked back up. If anyone of you has $275 you can drop it could provide some good entertainment.

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I have a bridge in Brooklyn that belongs to a Nigerian prince who will triple the size of your <bleep>.

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The trademark application may have expired, but you wouldn't likely be able to register it and keep it. At this point it's pretty much "used in commerce" so you wouldn't have much of a case.

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Maybe it's this guy?

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^Wow. Throwback. I used to see this guy driving around in a Mini Cooper that matched his suit.

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Josh Young at Theme Park University did a nice take-down on DreamVision.

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I was over at Pointbuzz putting together a post that referenced DreamVision, so I went to check out their website...

....they've dolled up their website! Still the same content, mind you, but they've gotten all fancy. Well, fancy-ish.

....their magical investor, Provident Global Capital "celebrating 20 years of 'investing outside the numbers", now has a website. Well, page. To get beyond the landing page you have to have a password.

...interestingly, the "CEO and founder" of Provident, Bryan Robinson, used a post office box as the official address of Provident. You'd think a company celebrating 20 years of investing could afford an actual office, if not a building. (Sure, you might ask how it is that a company celebrating 20 years only officially came into existence in February 2015...)

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