Thursday, January 25, 2001 4:54 PM
If you could create a dream park picking rides and attractions from existing parks what would you pick? Limits (pick some from each): 12 coasters, 20 "other rides", 7 types of food, 5 shows and a main landscape and theme (or themes, or no theme at all)...Geez I'm real bored but this should be fun.

Summer (and coaster season) could not come any quicker
Thursday, January 25, 2001 5:59 PM
1. Millennium Force
2. Magnum XL-200
3. Drachen Fire
4. Top Gun (PGA)
5. Mantis
6. A Flying Dutchman (4.2 Trillion times better than Stealth)
7. Goliath
8. Hulk
9. Shockwave
10. TA2K
11. I don't want to say it but, a 4D.

Power Tower
Demon Drop
Superman: The Escape

Number 1 And Only Cedar Point
Thursday, January 25, 2001 6:29 PM
Riddler's Revenge
Ragining Bull
Top Gun [PGA]
Superman The Ultimate Escape
Superman The Escape
Batman The Ride
Vekoma SLC
Roar West
Mesdusa West
Super Invertigo

Drop Zone at PKI
Huss Chaos, Top Spin
Newest bvest Zamperla Rides
Thursday, January 25, 2001 6:33 PM

Todd said:
Vekoma SLC

You would choose to have one of these in your park??
tsk tsk, don't you know that they are evil? you should have learned that by now! :)
-Dave Rutherford
*If things seem under control, you're just not going fast enough*

Friday, January 26, 2001 12:36 AM

Millennium Force
Raging Bull
Superman Ultimate Escape
Villain or SFGAm Viper
The Beast
Lightning Racer
SFGam Shock Wave
Mack Bobsled
Big Bad Wolf or SFMM Ninja
Riddler's Revenge

Other Rides:

Huss Frisbee, Break Dance, Condor, Troika, Skylab (larger Enterprise)
Mack Muzik Express, Sea Storm, Water Coaster (Journey to Atlantis at SWF)
PKI White Water Canyon
CP Snake River Falls, White Water Landing
PKI's Kings Mills Flume
PKI Drop Zone
Zamperla Roto Shake (Iron Eagle at SFA)
Eiffel Tower-type observation tower
Dark ride like Phantom Theater at PKI
Looping Starship (like Berserker at PKD)
Viking Fury (pendulum boat ride at PKI)
Bayern Kurve (if I can find one)
Columbia Carousel at SFGAm


The Farmer's Market at SFGAm
Festhaus at PKI
Skyline Chili
Something like the old International Restaurant at PKI

Shows: All live with actual musicians where applicable

Ice skating show
Strolling entertainers
Country music show
Retro pop show
Magic show


Exotic (like South Pacific, Africa, Asia, Orient)

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