Drayton Manor...anyone ever been?

Friday, September 30, 2005 5:43 PM
I was surfing around, and ran across this park:


Apocalypse and G-Force look like great rides to me. Anyone know anything about this place?

Monday, October 3, 2005 2:53 PM
I was there in 2002 before G-Force was built so I cannot comment on that ride. I did get several rides on Apocalypse and loved it. It is a standard Intamin drop tower but it has three different types of ride vehicles: The typical seats, and two different standing positions. The standing position I preferred had you standing on a steel grate floor that you could see through. You are pitched forward at a 20-degree angle. The other option was standing but floorless, similar to the riding position on SFOG's Acrophobia. I didn't find that very comfortable. There is a building around the base of the tower with an opening to let the ride vehicles through. It is pretty unnerving to be dropped into a structure. From the top of the tower, the opening looked much too small. The park has a very elaborate Pirates of the Caribean type dark ride. The standup ShockWave coaster is pretty good. There was a very strange looking flume with rubber rafts that I unfortunately didn't get to ride. Maelstrom is an Intamin version of a Huss Giant Frisbee and though not as large as CP's or PKI's was very good. It wasn't a real big park but I do remember it being a fun place to visit.

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