Dragster riders upset how CP treated them after coaster mishap

Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004 10:48 AM | Contributed by supermandl

Riders involved in Monday's incident on Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster, where they were hit by metal fragments from a fraying cable, say they weren't taken seriously after the incident.

Read more and see video from WEWS/Cleveland.

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Friday, July 16, 2004 2:47 PM

I am packing up my house and moving in with you...because you are living in Disneyland.

The Libility Insurance industry would like about 2 billion of you to live in the United States. Unfortunately, the society you live in passed by back in the 80's before some woman spilled coffee in her lap and some doctor amputated the wrong foot off some poor soul (sole).

Friday, July 16, 2004 3:21 PM
Yea, I prefer the non-psycho, non-hysterical, non-hype-and-trends based world to the one that lawyers and lawmakers perfer to have us live in.

If my little patch of the earth can be one place that's free of the litigation insanity, then I've done my job ... and if the society I lived in passed in the 80s, then I'm screwed, cause I wasn't even around for some of the 80s ;)

And I'm not living in Disneyland cause I hate that place, but I am living in a place I wish the rest of the world could join me in. So if you'd like, rent is only $400 a month!
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Friday, July 16, 2004 3:59 PM
I am not defending the park, I am against frivolous lawsuits in all cases. Now if one of the kids had lost his eye sight or had a large gash on his face that left a permanent scare or something of that nature then I would say yes, a lawsuit was in order. Investigators would have to determine if it was CP's fault or Intamin's. As for the Salmonella deal at Sheets or the Hepatitis deal at ChiChi's, it came from vegetables that do not get cooked so I do not think that they should be responsible either. If it had come from the meat or eggs or something that was undercooked or handled improperly, then they would be responsible.
Friday, July 16, 2004 4:07 PM
CPismyhome has the right idea -

It's not Disneyland, it's accountability and responsibility for your own actions (or lack thereof). Plain and simple.

Friday, July 16, 2004 4:39 PM
Personal responsibility and accountability? Whatever do you mean? Such a novel concept.
Friday, July 16, 2004 4:51 PM
What does personal responsibility and accountability have to do with malfunctions that caused injuries on what is supposed to be a safe activity? While one account makes it sound like the riders had their arms up, that did not affect the location of the person's ear that was impaled by a metal shard...

Besides, what happened to CORPORATE accountability and responsibility?

I'm not saying they should get millions (or even thousands) but they sure as hell should get more than an exit pass for the ride they got hurt on...

Friday, July 16, 2004 9:03 PM

If this were to ever get to court: The kids might be able to prove that there was a known maintenance issue with the ride. The park might be able to prove that the kids had their arms up. The "winner" of the case might come down to who the jury decided was more negligent.

Wahoo Skipper got it exactly right. If a lawyer got ahold of this it would come down to a tug of war with blame to be passed around to all sides. Sure Cedar Point could come at them with the hands up thing, but then the kids lawyer could come back at Cedar Point and ask them why upon seeing their hands go up, was the ride not e-stopped?

And then go into Cedar Point's operating practice prior to that. Were other people putting their hands up that day? How about the days and weeks before? And if so, what was done. If nothing was, then Cedar Point could possibly be also blamed for not enforcing the state law and would make any case they had against the kids much weaker.

Saturday, July 17, 2004 9:41 AM
Just pointing out how quick some folks are to slam Six Flags,but because it`s CP it`s "OK".Kind of like when someone famous commits a crime,lots of people are willing to overlook it because they are such a great actor or athlete. As far as I`m concerned CP can fall into lake Erie.We went there in 2001 and will never go back.It was full of the most arrogant and rude employees and patrons of any park we had ever been to.Maybe if CP management were`nt so stupid and think they have to have the tallest and fastest rides in the world then this would never have happened.
Saturday, July 17, 2004 12:31 PM
Gemini's avatar

As far as I`m concerned CP can fall into lake Erie

Is it my imagination, or are the people who cry about fanboys themselves guilty of being hateboys?

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Saturday, July 17, 2004 1:52 PM
Wow, I've been to Cedar Point numerous times now, and not even once have I encountered an arrogant or rude employee. Not once. And I can't say that about too many places.
Sunday, July 18, 2004 11:37 AM
Don't point that out Gemini! You'll ruin their argument!
Monday, July 19, 2004 2:49 AM

If you were at a minature golf course and the a piece of the windmill flew off and whacked you upside the head, would you be satisfied if they offered you a free slurpee for your inconvenience?

very much so, actually... mmmm... free slurpee... i don't think there is much better in life....

-- alan "hit me in the head anyday" j.

Monday, July 19, 2004 3:38 AM
----arrogant and rude, MarkSFOG? I've been to CP once, and SFA once. What I saw at CP were enthusiastic, competent employees, for the most part. What I saw at SFA were lots of listless, barely alive, people, and my radar went way up as far as ensuring my own safety.

Now I'm not saying that every employee I encountered at SFA was this way...just way too many to not make me think that there's got to be something wrong with the corporate culture.

Monday, July 19, 2004 8:26 AM
"What I saw at CP were enthusiastic, competent employees, for the most part"

So this means what? That, in the event that this was a known problem (the "shards found where they shouldn't have been"), then CP is absolved from any sort of responsibility because they have "enthusiastic, competent" employees?

I'm not a CP(CF) hater, or a SF "Fan Boy". Contrary to what many may think, I believe that the fatality on S:RoS at SF New England was pretty much the fault of a) SF NE (Hey guys, check those restraints better) and b) Intamin (those restraints should have been more fool proof). But I don't blame the parks and rides in every case either (the fatality at Holiday world last year... Don't Stand UP! The little girl killed on the scrambler at Rye Playland this year... again Don't Stand UP!). Each case is different.

Just because an accident happens at a park that is a "favorite" of many doesn't automatically make it a "rider error" issue... or at a "non favorite" of many doesn't automatically make it a "park or maintence" issue.

Monday, July 19, 2004 12:43 PM
Gemini's avatar

So this means what?

It means that he was relaying his experience in response to MarkSFOG. Much like your fanboy argument, it has nothing to do with the arguments specific to the accident.

Monday, July 19, 2004 6:47 PM
I just wanted to say - I just called CP and dragster *is* currently, at this time, 3:47 PST, running.
Monday, July 19, 2004 8:57 PM
Just for the record, I rode TTD on Friday. So it is definetly up and running as Quabbo said.
Tuesday, July 20, 2004 12:47 AM
Thank you, Gemini...couldn't have said it better myself. I thought my point was obvious.
Tuesday, July 20, 2004 9:42 AM
rollergator's avatar Now that TTD is back up and running, I think it's pretty safe to say that, SHOULD the cable fray and seriously injure riders in the future, that CP would be in a fairly precarious situation liability-wise. Count me among those who thought TTD would be down for a longer period while CP tried out different cables and means of "securing" them...

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