Dragon Challenge removal

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So this happened:

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Wow, they weren't gentle about it. How sad.

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So much for the theory they're gonna put it in storage and use it at a park expansion.

Looks like the final duel came out to be draw.

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They were so busy dueling each other that Harry surprised them both and won.

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Can't wait to see it operating again at Dorney!

I remember how awe inspiring the pictures of Dueling Dragons were in 1999/2000 when the park opened. It was one of those "I've gotta do that someday" rides for me. To see it all mangled up on the side of I4 like that isn't something I ever thought I would see. Very sad indeed.

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STILL more ride-able than Green Lantern: Worst Flight at SFMM...

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I kinda wanted to believe it wasn't happening but it finally hit me the other night while in line for a haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights. I looked up and saw both lift hills leading to nowhere as the track was gone. Such a bummer.


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Wow, that's the saddest coaster related picture. :'(

That ride was so unique and so cool, it's such a shame to see it in a mangled mess on the side of the road.

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Hmm.. so this is the first scrapped B&M! Universal (Comcast) has way too much money to burn it seems. This Vegas-esque demo makes no sense, especially since this ride was not that bad. Who would have thought that Seaworld would be the thrill capital of Orlando...

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Hulk was scrapped last year. This is not a first.

Also curious about how you know it "makes no sense." Were you intimately familiar with the state of the ride? If it was anything like Hulk, the track was in pretty bad shape.

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What's a good # of days to spend at Universal to really take in both parks? (Assuming one is skipping VB). I haven't seen it since the EARLY Jaws years, back then you could see most of the park in a day, a good experience was more like two.

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You can do it in two days, especially if you have Express Pass (which is reason enough to stay on property).

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Or go in early February when there is no one there! :)

Several years ago on our last visit, the only line we had was for Forbidden Journey. Everything else was walk-ons.

I will miss Dueling Dragons. Was such a great ride in the early days. Wife never got to ride it when it dueled or get to see the great theming it had back then.

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