Dorney's new Hydra testing

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Dorney Park's new Hydra The Revenge is just weeks away from opening, and has begun testing with riders.

Dorney is the site for CoasterBuzzCon 2005, with ERT on Hydra and Talon. The date is May 21, pre-register only. Download the flyer and register today!

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Does anyone know who those four are?
I'm sure its the GM and several other key employees at the park.
The Pink Restraints are hot!
Those colors on the trains SUCK!
I think the word you're looking for is "hott", Nachos. ;)
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Raptor 2, with pink restraints... ;)
I can't wait for CB Con, this will be my 2nd floorless ever, whoohoo.
You would have thought that just based on the logo, that they would have gone with purple restraints.
Pink OTSR is the new yellow, haven't you heard? Sexiest. Trains. Ever. :)
I would imagine that one of the four is Joe Minninger, Director of Park Operations. Another I'm sure of is the new GM, Greg Scheid. I'll take a stab in the dark and say another one of them could be Joe Greene, head of construction and maintenance and the guy who came up with the idea of the jojo roll. Maybe the fourth one is a guy from B&M or the contracting company that built Hydra?
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No, pink is the new brown.

I agree, those pink OSTRs suck. That means the ride will suck, too.

Oh, wait...nevermind ;)

Only Real men put on Pink Restraints! LOL!
i like the pink and white. the contrastion is nice. its bold
Joe Minninger is on the far right (as you look at the picture).*** This post was edited by Hanging n' Banging 3/24/2005 8:12:47 PM ***
Isn't one of those guys Paul Ruben?
Here we go......................
no Paul is not on there, nor should he be, lol..
DorneyDante--"constrastion"? You meant the contrast is nice. Whatever as far as the colors go, but would match with my sisters future wedding. It's sad she's not a coaster enthusiast.

Well this is the future guys. They've been making cars for women, houses for women, and now coasters for women! Oh well, maybe it'll increase the breeding pool for ACE members:)
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What, no picture of the first riders to do a jojo roll?

Personally, I'd prefer to say the restraints are a delightful shade of "teaberry."

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