Dorney renames Voodoo to Possessed to avoid trademark dispute

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Dorney Park's Voodoo is now called Possessed, changed because it may have violated a trademark owned by the Six Flags amusement park company. The tagline has been changed from "Voodoo will possess you" to "Possessed: The spirits will move you."

Read more from The Morning Call.

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At least they kept the totally cool skull logo.

The Dorney on-line marketplace appears to still be carrying "old" local items, for the collector in you.

Edited to add: looks like some (if not all) of it is on sale, too.

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I heard about this a while ago shortly after Voodoo opened, and was waiting for this announcement. It came a little later then I thought, but the name change doesn't bother me. Wish I woulda grabbed a Voodoo shot glass while I was at the park.. or while I lived in PA, now I have to order it online unless I could convince someone to pick one up for me this season, lol.

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Isn't using an adjective for a name a little weird?

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Jeff said:
Isn't using an adjective for a name a little weird?

Typical enthusiast. ;)

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You're such a dick.

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And here I was hoping they were going to rename it Flight Deck or some stupid bird name.

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LMAO Gonch.

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I like the name. I think it fits, especially given the holding break on the back tower. If you aren't ready for that it might feel like the thing is possessed.

But I also get a kick out the local grocery chain called Giant. Along with it you have a "Giant" parking lot, "Giant" employees, "Giant" shopping carts, etc.

In this case we'll have a "Possessed" queue, "Possessed" ride operators, and "Possessed" merchandise. I like it. :)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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I was surprised that Six Flags didn't file a suit for a large sum of money. It might have been the only way they can dig out of their debt. But yeah, I don't care what its called... by the way, might this ride soon hold the record for the most name changes in the least amount of time? lol

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

So Cedar Fair won't go with the name Banshee, but is ok with Possessed?

You mean to tell me no one did what seems to be simple homework before the ride was named Voodoo?

Using an adjective for the name of a ride seems weird to me, like using an adverb for the name of a professional sports team. Just doesn't sound right. But what do I know?

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I still think that Banshee would make an awesome coaster name.

I really like the artwork. I'm happy they kept it. The artist(s) are really doing a great job between this twisted-horned skull and Dimondback's snake and skull. I can relate to

Voodoo is a great name for a coaster. Possessed...not so much.

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Raven-Phile said:
LMAO Gonch.

I'm a prophet. :)

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Carrie M. said:

But I also get a kick out the local grocery chain called Giant. Along with it you have a "Giant" parking lot, "Giant" employees, "Giant" shopping carts, etc.

Theres an industrial company I always pass on my ride to office that often makes me chuckle.

Not to mention that there is a Giant grocery store and a Giant Eagle grocery store and no they are not owned by the same company.

This ride sure has been given plenty of names:

Superman: Ultimate Escape
Steel Venom


^ That's funny, at first it looked like you were including "Sam" in your list of names!

Kause, I agree... Banshee would have been a sweet coaster name. And the color scheme was great too. Mantis has a great color scheme as well, but I really dislike the name.

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Well... I like the name Mantis a lot too.

I used to be a Giant associate back in PA, no Giants out here though, but theres Indiana Beach so it's not so bad...

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