Dorney Park's Customer Service during offseason

I had an experience this weekend I need to share with any one who frequents parks. I needed to get my Cedar Fair Maxx Pass picked up for my trip that starts Thursday. So a few weeks I called the park and asked when they were processing passes and the person told me Monday through Friday (I have come to find out that they were only supposed to be selling them at those times processing does not start until April). So I took Friday the 16th off from work and drove from the Philadelphia area up to Allentown with a slight surprise.

The area was getting hit with a nasty snow/sleet/rain storm depending on where you were. Knowing this I left home to be there between 9 and 10 am and hope that they would at least be open for part of the day before they closed the offices due to the bad weather.

When I got to Allentown I drove up to the gate I was directed to and I asked the guard where I go for season passes. He directed me right to the building and as I walked in the lady at the front desk asked how she could help me. When I explained that I wanted to process my pass so I could use it on the 24th at Carowinds she told me they weren't processing passes yet but if I had a pass last year they could just print out a new one with last seasons picture. I told her I didn't have a pass last season. She said she would see what could be done. After she checked with an office she came back and asked did I have a season pass for two seasons ago as they had found records of my pass two seasons ago. When I confirmed it they said they would use that picture and print one for me. I will say I am very pleased with Dorney for what they did and want to let everyone know about this experience.

Watch the tram car please....
I went a slightly different route. I started a very brief thread a couple weeks back asking about Dorney's price for Maxx Pass because their form was a little goofy and stupid me didn't understand it as easily as I understood most of the other CF parks. I was kindly told to call them but I went a completely different route and used e-mail. I had a lady that promptly returned both of my e-mails informing me of the exact prices and policy as far as when and where to get the Maxx Pass. I figured out the part about not getting one for the kids because it would probably be more than I would spend with the cheap Junior pricing they have. :) It appears that no matter which way you go, their off season customer service is outstanding.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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